After the departure of Blizzard’s CEO, Microsoft announces unexpected internal changes

Surprising the gamer worldthe imminent departure of Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard for more than three decades, marks a new era for the gaming giant, especially following its acquisition by Microsoft.

Kotick, who oversaw several crucial phases of the company, including periods of success and controversy, will officially step down from his role on December 29, culminating an era of transformation in Activision’s history.

Unexpected departure and subsequent changes

Kotick’s departure isn’t the only notable move; Activision Blizzard’s controversial CCO Lulu Meservey will also say goodbye to the company at the end of January.

Meservey has come under fire for resisting employees’ collective bargaining attempts and has been named in labor complaints.

These significant changes come amid an internal restructuring at Microsoft, which now holds the Activision Blizzard.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, communicated Kotick’s departure and a series of other changes to employees, including organizational reorganizations.

Although Kotick does not have a direct replacement, several senior Activision Blizzard executives will report directly to Matt Booty, president responsible for coordinating Xbox as a studio.

Phil Spencer informed Kotick’s departure in an official statement – ​​Image: Microsoft/Reproduction

These changes come after a tumultuous period in Activision Blizzard’s history, marked by legal actions and acquisitions.

The company was hit with lawsuits for gender discrimination and unequal pay, resulting in a $54 million settlement with the US Department of Civil Rights. California.

The allegations involving Kotick’s prior knowledge of these problems brought to light debates about his management.

Phil Spencer’s letter emphasizes the continuity of work at the company and highlights plans for future games, maintaining the focus on creating inclusive experiences.

This is the second major restructuring announcement made by Microsoft since the acquisition, highlighting efforts to solidify a new direction for the gaming giant.

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