Activision acquisition: Microsoft wins lawsuit against FTC, merger imminent

After several days of hearing, the federal judge in charge of the case decided not to prevent Microsoft from buying video game giant Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. therefore a A crushing defeat for US regulators those requesting an interim measure pending the outcome of legal objections to the merger.

The FTC had argued that the merger would restrict competition, primarily by putting Activision’s Call of Duty series, one of the top-selling games on a regular basis, into Microsoft’s hands. The competition regulator intended to suspend the merger until it completed its administrative review, but With his decision, Judge Corley ultimately nearly shattered those hopes.

Microsoft wins lawsuit promising to release Activision games on PS5

Microsoft’s victory in this case is largely Arguments to defend Activision titles with competitors. The judge found tech giants’ efforts to provide access to games like Call of Duty outside the Microsoft ecosystem compelling, and Sony’s attempts to discredit its rival’s word have not come to fruition.

Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision has been described as the biggest in tech history said Judge Corley in his decision. ” It deserves close scrutiny. That review paid off: Microsoft made a written, public, and court promise to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation on par with Xbox for 10 years. It struck a deal with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to Switch. And Activision has made multiple deals to bring its content to multiple cloud gaming services for the first time. “.

Evidence Gathered Shows Consumers May Have More Access to Call of Duty and Other Activision Content Corley wrote. ” Therefore, the request for interim injunction was rejected. “. Despite this victory, The battle is not yet fully won for Microsoft.

The FTC can still appeal the decision

Judge Corley decided that. The FTC had until July 14, 11:59 PM, to receive a deferral. It is pending an appeal from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to further delay the signing of the treaty. Otherwise, Microsoft and Activision can close the deal and give them enough time to do so. before the deadline of 18 July.

However, companies may decide to delay this period in order to persuade the UK to accept the merger. This is the final hurdle for Microsoft to complete the takeover. the latter has already been adopted by 38 countries.

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As a reminder, the British regulatory authority blocked Microsoft’s proposed acquisition in April, and Microsoft will appeal that decision in a hearing that will begin on July 28. With the victory over the FTC, Microsoft now has no longer marketing their games in the UK, forcing them to close the takeoverbut that would obviously be a great loss for the country.

That’s why Microsoft and the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have decided to suspend their legal battle to continue negotiations.