5 best-selling consoles of all time – made history!

Over the decades, a myriad of consoles was released, but only a few won the hearts of the public and became true icons of the video game industry.

Below, you will find out which are the 5 best-selling consoles of all time. What’s your favorite?

The 5 most desired consoles in history

5. PlayStation 4 (PS4) – 115 million units sold

PlayStation 4 – Image: Olhar Digital/Reproduction

Launched in November 2013, the PS4 offered cutting-edge graphics and a vast library of games.

Its innovative controller, the DualShock 4, and the ability to live stream games were revolutionary features.

Titles like ‘The Last of Us Part II’ and ‘God of War‘ enchanted the players.

4. Game Boy – 118 million units sold

Game Boy – Image: padu_foto/Shutterstock/Reproduction

The legendary GameBoy, released in 1989, was a milestone in the history of portable video games. Its monochrome screen did not prevent it from becoming a success.

‘Tetris’ and ‘Pokémon Red & Blue’ are unforgettable classics that marked the generations that used this console.

3. Nintendo Switch – 125 million units sold

Nintendo Switch – Image: Nintendo/Reproduction

Nintendo reinvented the concept of a hybrid console with the launch of the Switch in March 2017. Offering the flexibility to play in both handheld and tabletop mode, it gained a wide audience.

During this period, games like ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘ and ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ are highlights from its catalogue.

2. Nintendo DS – 154 million units sold

Nintendo DS – Image: Zyabich/Shutterstock/Reproduction

The Nintendo DS, released in 2004, revolutionized gameplay with its touchscreen and innovative design.

Its vast library includes ‘New Super Mario Bros.’ and ‘Brain Age’, captivating both casual and hardcore gamers.

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1. PlayStation 2 (PS2) – 155 million units sold

PlayStation 2 – Image: YouTube/Reproduction

The undisputed champion is Playstation 2released in 2000. With its diverse library and advanced features for the time, such as the integrated DVD player, the PS2 became a worldwide phenomenon.

Games like ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ and ‘Final Fantasy X’ made him even more famous.

Each of these consoles has contributed to shaping the history of video games, offering unique experiences in their respective eras.

Their sales reflect the quality of the devices as well as the cultural impact they have had, creating unbreakable bonds between players and your favorite platforms.

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