11 Evil Dead game tips to help you keep things great

Depending on your team, Evil Dead game tips and tricks will help you triumph over the damn dead or meddling people. There’s a lot about Evil Dead: The Game that you have to figure out once you start playing, from big mechanics to clever little tactics, but we’re here to make it all clear for you. Because Evil Dead: The Game has two very different experiences – playing as survivors and demons – we split our tips. Read the first six for advice on survivors, and the following for the best way to play as demons and the dead.

The survivors are tasked with casting an exile spell from the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the book of the dead, by completing a series of quests. They need to find three pieces of maps, use the map to find spare pages for the Necronomicon and Kandarian Dagger, then collect both, use Dagger to defeat the Dark Ones, reveal the Necronomicon, and then protect it from the Deadite. Attacks until the spell is complete and the game is over. Easy! With these tips, you’ll figure everything out before you say Klaatu Barada… actually, how does that last part go?

1. Take time to collect resources and weapons to stand a better chance

Speed ​​is important here – the enemy is constantly getting stronger and will eventually take down players – but if you don’t take the time to collect better weapons, it will happen much sooner. Check out the buildings on the way to the targets, checking for consumables and better weapons. An upgraded Boomstick is worth checking out.

2. Use lights to manage fear and resources

Your flashlight reveals hidden items, but has limited battery life. For this reason, we recommend using it selectively when facing buildings or fighting Deadites in pitch black. Otherwise, turn it off to conserve power.

Then there’s the horror mechanics. Fear is very dangerous when it’s maxed out, but it subsides fastest with allies or when light, so it’s a good idea to light a fire along the way to keep yourself calm. Alternatively, you can search for available fires and lanterns, but be warned – the game makes a distinction between larger and smaller lights, which drastically changes the rate at which fear heals.

3. Stay with your allies and take care of each other!

As any Dungeons and Dragons player knows, don’t interrupt the party! Not only does the fear subside when you stay together, the camera angle means it’s pretty hard to see behind you; A friend can help alleviate this problem, plus it’s done faster when one of you is possessed as you have to repel his spirit on your own and you’re all together.

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4. Level up your characters in and out of the game

Players can not only upgrade their characters mid-match by finding Pink F bottles, but also permanently upgrade their characters between matches from the Collection section of the game menu. This is definitely worth doing on a regular basis – in addition to improving their base stats, reaching certain levels will grant them new abilities and powers, some of which are incredibly good.

5. Check all gray areas for map parts

This threw us off for a while – what happens when you’re told to check out an important location for one of the map pieces? actually What this means is to search the entire gray area on the map around that location. So, if you’ve been led to a small cottage, it might be there – or it could be in a square mile of demon-infested woodland around it. Be sure to explore the entire area, looking at buildings, barracks, and structures.

6. Everyone focuses on boss demons

The strongest dead – Evil Ash, Henrietta and Eligos – all have terrible nightmares to fight and the most powerful force the demon player has to throw at you. Each is a tank that can do a lot of damage and therefore needs to be dealt with quickly. When someone appears, everyone must use their strongest attacks and weapons to finish him off quickly. If you encounter someone alone, you’ll probably die fighting them, so escape to your friends as fast as you can.

Compared to the complex list of targets given to the Survivors, the single demon player has only one goal – to kill all the survivors and perhaps destroy the Necronomicon if they reach the final stage. To do this, you must create minions, set traps, have fearsome players and objects, and eventually enter the battlefield yourself as a sort of Deadite horror. Currently, the possibilities a little Weighted on the demon side, but this assumes you have full knowledge of your abilities and know the best tactical approach. We will list these tricks for you below.

1. Don’t give players a chance to recover

This is very important – players constantly find new consumables, heal themselves and progress. Give them a chance and they’ll undo all the damage and fear you’ve done to them – so don’t give them a chance!

While it may be tempting to leave them for a few minutes and drown in Hell Energy, you’ll come back to much stronger players. Constantly tear them apart, even minor threats, to make sure they don’t have a chance of fully surviving anything that happens to them. In general, softening them means you’ll have a much better chance of killing them all at key moments, and you’ll only leave the group when you have absolutely nothing left to hit them.

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2. Trigger your boss demon where survivors can’t avoid

You want to make the most of it as your boss demon is so powerful. Place them in spots where they really can’t leave, such as Kandarian Dagger or Necronomicon encounters where they need to stay close to the key point. Drop one in the middle of the jungle and they will just run away or use the larger area to fight from afar. But if they have to stay close to a certain spot, that makes it much more difficult to avoid the Eligos’ incantations or Henrietta’s rotting body.

3. Anticipate the players’ movements and arrange the fields in front of them

Since players are constantly moving from one point to another and you leave them behind with your disembodied spirit form, it’s a great idea to glide forward and create threats. Proximity traps mean you don’t have to be there to harm them, but having a well-placed tree can also blow survivors away – something you can’t do if you’re playing catch. It’s not easy to balance this with the first point about not letting them heal, but we recommend that you never leave them for more than thirty seconds. Leave a trail of exploding breadcrumbs in front of them and you will fulfill both conditions nicely.

4. Slow down players to increase your Demon Level

While it’s in the players’ best interest to finish the match quickly, the more you block them, the higher your Demon Level will become, making you stronger and more of a threat. Once you’re over 25, you’re a real demon force to be reckoned with. That’s why using delay tactics until you literally get to Army of Darkness is a very valid strategy.

5. Have cowards before they can recover

Nothing upsets players more than when one of their tricks goes crazy. Survivors with a high degree of fear can be captured temporarily, and you’ll want to do this as soon as the option is available. Players know that their fear can be used against them, and often when it gets too high they try to bring it down as a priority. Catch them before they do, then focus on using ranged weapons – they’re more powerful and you’ll burn limited ammo. Target another player and really go after them, trying to take them down before they’re defeated by the captured player and you lose your chance to do more carnage.

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