Wanda Nara remembers her breakup with Mauro Icardi as “We’ve been apart since October” but the mismatch between dates raises speculation

Argentina model Wanda Nara PSG announces separation from star Mauro Icardi In September 2022, after making a huge public impact. As the couple’s relationship with each other took a risky turn after the incident, the actress regularly sought to win back the model, and the model continued to downplay these efforts. In an audio interview with Guido Zaffora recently, he shared some of his past relationship details and endings with the actor; yet, surprisingly, the mismatch of dates raises suspicion.

While showing love to the actress, Wanda showed features that contradicted nature, which she wanted him to disappear. However, according reportsvoice translated to:Mauro and I have been separated since October. There was a minimal attempt (return) in Maldives, but everything remained as it was in October,” whereas real history is something else. This particular move of the model drew a bag of criticism from fans for calling her a liar, and they couldn’t take another episode of the divorce soap opera.

The model either made a mistake or is really lying to all her fans so far.. Nara was also annoyed by the player’s regular efforts to win her back earlier. The model had previously announced her separation with a bitter message. “Experiencing this moment is very painful for me. But given my disclosure and things beyond media speculation, it would be preferable for them to know this from me. I have nothing more to clarify and will not give any details. Please, I ask you to show understanding not only for me, but also for our children.”

After their idyllic trip to the Maldives together for reconciliation, everything seemed quite peaceful among the stars. Later, when the actress went one step further towards reclaiming the model, the model belittled her as such solid reports of the ex-couple’s reunion never surfaced on the internet, what actually did was the screenshots. Intimate conversations between the duo shared by the actor via social media.

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Wanda Nara’s suspicious relationship with Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

There is nothing more to read about the actor, and his wife’s controversial marriage has been documented, from having two beautiful children to the actor’s allegations of infidelity. The soon-to-be-divorced marriage was formalized by both parties under the pretext of legal divorce. The issue between the two is in-between and there is no sign of a balance between them, as the model claims.

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The Turkish club was quite angry that the player was here on loan from the Paris club and things like this can cause great controversy and misunderstanding at the club level; The player may need to make a formal apology, and the reason he suddenly flew back to Argentina was not up to the club’s professional standards.

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