“They were wolves, not dogs” – Diego Costa reflects fear of shooting with wolves in new Wolverhampton poster

Diego Costa’s reputation “Creature” Accompanying him on his return to the Premier League with Wolverhampton Wanderers, even the intimidating striker was revealed in the club’s announcement video. “fear to death” while keeping the wolves on a leash.

A formidable force playing for Chelsea, where he has been the team’s top scorer every season and won two Premier League titles, the 33-year-old has accepted a one-year contract after the club’s forwards pulled out of the field due to injuries.

The Wolves released a video to announce the signing of free agent Diego Costa with the caption “Diego is a wolf.” He wears his Spanish uniform and holds the chains attached to three howling wolves.

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Diego Costa’s return to the Premier League

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Diego Costa

Costa, who has been out of the club since January, admitted he needed some time to get back in form, but enjoyed the challenge of competing in England’s top league.

He said the following about the announcement video: “I was scared to death. Holding that chain, I said, ‘What if this wolf thinks about jumping on me?’ I thought. I thought, ‘If they’re not doing anything with the instructor, if they come…’
“When they came and smelled my feet, I knew I was done. I was a little scared then. They were wolves, not dogs. It was a great experience but not very comfortable. I have five dogs, but they are not wolves!”

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