“She thinks it’s a temporary thing” – Journalist explains why Barcelona stayed with Gerard Pique despite knowing about Shakira’s infidelity

The separation of Colombian star singer Shakira and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is not news to anyone. Still, the couple makes headlines as does cats and dogs. Recently, a journalist explained the reasons why the Colombian stayed with Pique despite knowing about the infidelity Gerard had brought them.

Journalist aforementioned, “When Shakira finds out about cheating, she thinks it’s temporary, they talk and promise to strengthen their relationship.” this clearly shows the singer’s intentions towards her ex-boyfriend, who is believed to have been around long before she finally found out about the affair.

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Reasons for Shakira’s faith

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Gerard Pique and Shakira

The ‘waka-waka girl’ believed that her relationship was stronger than anyone expected. The level of faith and trust he showed in Gerard was commendable. However, the Barcelona star could not meet the expectations despite the singer’s intervention, the Barça star continued to go out with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

The Colombian pop star has always been interested in the Barcelona star, but they were always together for 12 beautiful years, but they never married each other because according to reports he was never married but because he was eternal girlfriend and boyfriend. . The singer’s strong faith was something that might have stressed her out the most amid all the chaos.

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