“Morocco carrying the Islamic world” – Arab world celebrates Atlas Lions’ historic quarter-final win against Portugal at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Fans of the Moroccan national football team exploded with joy as their team became the first African and Arab nation to reach the World Cup semi-finals. That moment filled the stadium in Qatar with a loud roar and at home in the streets with chants, screams, dances and songs. The historic 1-0 victory over Portugal was celebrated further afield, with enthusiastic fans applauding what they saw as a historic victory for both African and Arab Nations, from Abidjan in Ivory Coast to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

To the sound of rhythmic horns and drums, men and women jumped up and down, waving the Moroccan flag, part of the sea of ​​people that filled Rabat city center and evoked victorious enthusiasm to watch. They made us happy, proud and proved that they can make it to the final. Why? We are proud of this team supported by Africa and the Arabs.” aforementioned Siham Motahir, a young lady in Rabat, where cafes are overflowing with fans who enjoy watching the game.

Portugal-led win Cristiano Ronaldo Morocco’s third place in the tournament against a top-ranked European team is a run that brings extreme joy to both teams. Morocco and for Africans and Arab countries. African Union President Macky Sall wrote on Twitter in capital letters to underline his excitement: “HISTORIC! AND WONDERFUL! ATLAS LIONS ATTENDED THE WORLD CUP SEMI-FINALS! BRAVO MOROCCO,”.

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Twitter reacts to Morocco uniting Muslim brotherhood among Arab nations celebrating 2022 FIFA World Cup win

Twitter looks to the Arab world, which seems to be reunited after witnessing a historic victory. Morocco has been the only African country to break European and South American dominance over sports for decades, especially at the FIFA World Cup. People from the rest of the world celebrating the victory of their Muslim brothers were mesmerized by this fact and lauded, including big names like Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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