Mesut Özil, who joins the AI ​​Photo trend on Twitter, makes fun of himself by saying, “There is no social media trend without me.”

Former Arsenal star Mesut Özil has embraced the ongoing social media trend to post AI-generated photos. The movement took the internet by storm, as everyone, including celebrities, followed the trend. The German midfielder is an avid social media user and has maintained his social status quite well. This time the German dug himself by posting a post about the trend.

Mesut Özil shared a total of 3 photos of artificial intelligence products on his Twitter account, and these photos featured different avatars. The player who created a sensation in the midfield with his presence during his playing period. real Madrid In La Liga, he has a unique style of following trends with his assists and playmaker style. The actor wrote a statement claiming to be the ultimate GOAT of the social media game: “There’s no social media trend without me…”

Mesut Ozil He was part of the mystical German midfielder who won the 2014 FIFA World Cup by beating Argentina in the final. The midfielder disappeared somewhere after years of his fascinating run. He currently plays in Istanbul Başakşehir in the Turkish Super League. Mesut Özil was not called up by German coach Hansi Flick. 2022 FIFA World Cup but it will be there for the remaining World Cup fixtures.

Mesut Özil was highly appreciated with his social media accounts. Previously, while the actor was playing in Spain, media engagement and viral videos were part of his routine. The actress followed another trend to make it even more popular. Whether it’s on-the-field action or off-the-field trendsetter, Mesut Özil is always ready for battle.

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Art movement produced by artificial intelligence is everywhere on social media.

Celebrities applying the AI ​​Photo trend
Celebrities applying the AI ​​Photo trend

It is always difficult to identify where trends are coming from. For example, with the AI ​​trend, people started posting their own animated pictures without any real explanation. However, this is not difficult to understand since the app that everyone loves is called “Lensa”. It began taking over social media in early December 2022 for its “Magic Avatars” tool, a feature that lets you create AI-generated selfies based on real photos.

The results may not satisfy you, but often the images look like something straight out of a Disney movie. Plus, the app can transform you into just about anything from a superhero to a fairy princess, so you can quickly control yourself as Captain America or Cinderella. The app not only comes with useful features like under-eye circle removal and eyebrow thickening tools, but also boasts a digital art Magic Avatar tool that uses AI to create multiple unique images of a subject in different scenes and outfits. .

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