Manchester United Board refuses to pay Glazers six-month dividends after owners decide to sell the club

The Tha Glazers family, owners of Manchester United, seem hostile in the process of selling the club as they are after big investments. The Glazers neither accepted nor received their six-month dividends. The family finally stamped out their decision to sell the club as part of a 17-year partnership. “The process of exploring strategic alternatives for the club.”

According to multiple reports, the Glazers family was offered and paid 33.6 million euros in dividends, most of them The glaziers family with more than 20 million euros compared to the previous year. Sources also claim that the decision reflects factors, including significant investment in staff over the summer. Manchester UnitedThe total investment in signatures during the last transfer window was 225.4 million euros.

For the latest dividend payments, the total sum has totaled around €155 million over seven big years, and the same policy has greatly angered Red Devils fans, who were the first to criticize The Glazers for siphoning the club instead of making it a club. invest in it. Club fans have always been on the other side of the wave to oppose team owners who are considering selling the deal.

Ownership and management of the club has always been questioned since Sir Alex Ferguson left in 2013, but can this be a redemption for those potentially good from those labeled as bad owners? The question will prevail and more money and power will only corrupt the spirit of the game and leave a mark on the legacy. By encouraging club owners to have clubs in Gulf countries, more cash flow will be provided there.

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Dubai wants to buy Manchester United After Glazers’ decision to sell the club

Dubai investors to buy Manchester United after Glazers put it up for sale
Dubai investors to buy Manchester United after Glazers put it up for sale

According to multiple reports, Manchester United owners The Glazers are ready to announce their plans to seek outside investment in the club. The surprise from the Dubai empire came as a shock to many, as more wealth for fans means more jobs. It’s a way of making billions in profit from their 2005 purchase. They were criticized for not depositing the money before.

The new owners of the club, if it’s Dubai, the cash flow and power will increase and it’s just a way of going from evil to greater evil, those who make money never run the club like their own, marketing is the only way for them to make money. The cast, roster, and required development for Red Devils is still unclear. The first big step for the Glazers in favor of the club after many years was to sell the club.

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