FIFA President confident to host FIFA World Cup even in North Korea

FIFA President Gianni Infantino He went to the press conference to talk about the situation in Qatar while hosting the 2022 World Cup and talked about many things related to the event. However, the President did not hesitate to express his views on the Potential host of the future event in North Korea.

The President, who will be re-elected for a third term, has revealed that any nation is eligible to host the meeting. FIFA World Cup. As Gianni wants to help unite the world and agrees North Korea It may host the big event in the future as it thinks to bring ‘real change’. “FIFA is a global football organization” said Infantino. We are footballers, not politicians, and we want to bring people together.” “Every country can host an event. If North Korea wants to host something…”

Infantino gave a long speech on the speculations about the Qatar World Cup, which is preparing to start. The speech carried the words back to the same criticism that was sent their way when the host countries were announced, causing trouble in the media and fans.

FIFA’s sole purpose was to unite the entire world by bringing the sporting event to the doorstep of the crowd that wanted an international tournament, countries doing their best to take the top spot in sport, and the unity to rise above all. hate.

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FIFA World Cup heading to North Korea?

FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup

Following Gianni Infantino’s suggestion that the North Korean state be a potential host of the future FIFA World Cup, the country is now among the favorites to host the big event. The politics and governance of the country has been in question from time immemorial, and it may just be a revival.

The angry protests against the current host are a sign that the world cup is nothing to throw at anyone with polar opposite laws to the sole slogan of the football community. The world cup will not be a gift to North Korea and they must fight for their place in the bid.

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