‘Erling Haaland has more pedigrees’ – Jamie Carragher thinks Manchester City striker will be Premier League’s top scorer this season

In a recent interview, when former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was asked about his choice between Nunez and Erling Haaland, he chose Erling Haaland.

stated “I will choose Haaland. Yes, I think Haaland has seemed like a sensation for the last 3 or 4 years. I think he played very well as a backup even before he went to Dortmund. He was playing for Salzburg, came as a substitute in the Champions League and scored goals. So you knew this kid was going to be a star. It almost feels like a Nunez has infiltrated us. Even though they’re both the same age, you know Haaland’s background. But you know, last season was perfect for Benfica, perfect against Liverpool in the Champions League. But no doubt about it, but I think Haaland has more pedigree and is one that most people are more excited to see.

When the reporter asked him if he was worried about Haaland’s injury record, he jokingly replied -“I’m not worried about him, no. Can it last long

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New competition in the Premier League!

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Nuñez and Haaland

Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez, some of the most respected young players in football, have the potential to engage in an epic duel throughout the 2022-23 season.

Nunez showed his prowess as a striker in both the Champions League and the Portuguese Premier League last year. He scored 26 goals in 28 league games in 2021-22 and also made it back to the net six times in Europe.

By contrast, Haaland has already made a name for himself as one of the world’s top talents. Numerous elite European clubs, including Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, were interested in hiring the 21-year-old, but opted instead to sign a five-year contract with Etihad Stadium. He made his Champions League debut with Red Bull Salzburg in 2019, and after scoring 85 goals in 88 games for Dortmund, many believe he is the ideal striker to manage City.

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