“Did a club bigger than Everton go down?” Twitter reacts as Everton enters relegation zone after losing 2-0 to Liverpool in Premier League 2021-22

Liverpool He won the Merseyside derby against Everton, closing the table top Manchester City by just one point. Andrew Robertson and Divock Origi each scored a goal to give Liverpool a win as they chased the title race at Anfield on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Everton are on the verge of relegation from the Premier League as they are currently in 18th place, two points behind Burnley. Liverpool are now heading to the midweek Champions League first leg semi-finals with Villarreal and the foursome continue their dreams.

Here are some of the fans’ reactions on Twitter after Everton’s ‘eat’ to Liverpool:

Liverpool remain in second place behind Manchester City by just one point and five games for both teams. Manchester City and Liverpool will have the champions league semi-finals in the middle of the week considering these two possible titles. Robertson and Origi score against Klopp’s side in a 2-0 win and Everton are tasting the relegation zone after taking 18th place.

Divock Origi currently has six goals against Everton, which is the highest point against any club for a player. He scores the second goal for Merseyside from Luis Diaz’s acrobatic assist. Origi made a habit of scoring goals every time he faced Everton as it was the winning goal that put Liverpool in second place.

What’s next for Liverpool and Everton?

Liverpool celebrates goal
Liverpool celebrates goal

Liverpool lost Everton To narrow their lead with Manchester City 2-0 while remaining in the race for the Premier League title. Klopp’s side will now face Villarreal midweek in the champions league semi-finals. Liverpool are now one step closer to fulfilling their dream of winning a foursome this season.

Everton are currently in 18th place as Frank Lampard’s side is on the verge of promotion to the top division next season. Toffies will then face Chelsea at home.

Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player in football history to score 100 goals in both La Liga and the Premier League.

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