Brazil danced a victory dance after scoring every goal against unlucky South Korea in FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match, Japan lost

Images reflect emotions, more so when caught on television. Two scenes stood out at the FIFA World Cup Monday night. The first was when Japan was battered by Croatia in the Round of 16 and the second was when Brazil beat South Korea 4-1 to advance to the quarterfinals. The manager of a losing team rarely makes headlines. The honorable and decent Japan’s manager should have been Hajime Moriyasu and he was decent throughout the match.

The icing on the cake, if that is the case, was when he showed his gratitude to his fans by bowing in true Japanese style. It was sunset for the football players from the Land of the Rising Sun. World Cup. Now there was a spectacle of lamentation or sadness, so to speak. On top of that, Moriyasu won the hearts of billions with his graceful gesture, bowing respectfully in front of fans traveling from Japan as well as all other spectators entering the arena.

Football is a changeable sport. Often times, they can get ugly when teams lose or fall victim to bad “calls” from referees. If it wasn’t for the yellow and red cards in the hands of the referees, you would see more complaints from the players. Perhaps the act of being tough on the players is what was needed most, and this has led to good control over the proceedings.

Japan It is a side with grace and manners, bordering on being too polite. Another manager may have threw his jacket over a chair or flogged his tongue with players or in front of TV microphones. What Moriyasu did at the Al Janoub Stadium went viral on the internet, bowing respectfully. They say a photo captures a million words. Moriyasu’s image of a humble man will linger, as if he’s asking forgiveness for his team’s loss.

Of course, they are the epitome of etiquette as they are slang called Japanese. It is part of their DNA to bow down even in front of people they don’t know. Even those who belong to the royal fraternity bow when the rest of the world high-five, shake hands or lightly embrace. It may be very natural for the Japanese to describe the Moriyasu greeting image. He did a good job with the team, although the exit from the last 16 was painful.

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You can interpret the manager’s behavior as an honorable act even in disaster. Football rarely displays such emotions, which is why Moriyasu has become the most loved man in the world today. He touches his heart, then bends down, arching forward with his torso almost parallel to the ground. This is an emotional moment that will haunt us for a long time about how sport can teach the world humility and respect.

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Brazil celebrated in style after their win against South Korea.

Brazil celebrates
Brazil celebrates

At the other end of the spectrum, football fans watched Brazil demonstrate the body language they’re famous for. Celebrate, do a jig and shake your hips, almost mocking their rivals, South Korea. No one expects an eerie silence after a team scores. Moreover, if it is Brazil, they are a side eager to win the World Cup. At a time when the legendary Pele is struggling to survive in a hospital in Sao Paulo, the faith of Brazilians must not be shaken. Pele is God, they light candles for him.

Medically speaking, they want to see Pele’s heart tremble even though he looks pale. Pele means the world to the Brazilians because he won them three World Cups and built such a legacy. Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The slogan “Do It For Pele” has caught fire, but some think the celebrating Brazilians, including Tite, are being showered with criticism. The British, yes, hard-lipped experts scold Brazil for celebrating every goal.

Watching Vinicius Junior, Neymar Junior, Lucas Paqueta, and Richardson pretend to be in a party zone on the edge of the football field after scoring and celebrating has gone viral again. The British think you have no manners! None of them see Brazilians indulging as emotions on display. It was not easy to remember Pele and overcome Neymar’s injury fear. Neymar’s ankle was swollen and the images of the bump looked frightening. It was in the match against Serbia. A few chuckles were more alarming for the Brazilian team.

On Monday night, when the team was in full swing, it reflected a mood. It was a model to score goals as if you were in training. So was the celebration on the field and on the sidelines. Even Tite succumbed and joked. Damn, did the British think the Samba flavor would be lacking and the Brazilians would be callous? This campaign in Qatar has had its ups and downs, so only someone who can connect with their stress will understand how important this empathetic win is.

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There’s no point in talking about every goal, because it’s been repeated over and over. One young man who continues to keep fans in captivity in La Liga and now the national team is Vinicius Junior, 22. He’s a rising star, someone Brazil badly needs. Speaking of celebrations, how can you forget when the West Indies dominated cricket in the 80s under captain Clive Lloyd, celebrating the fall of each rook was so different. The fast shooters were menacing – the late Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holdings, Patrick Patterson, Joel Garner and the mighty Andy Roberts. These bowlers didn’t hesitate to use “”.perfume balls…:” where the red cherry passes near the nose of a batsman.

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Some bowlers loved to have a batsman’s face bruised or battered and blood spilled on the court. This was acceptable. There are a few exceptions, like how Sunny Gavaskar handles these Bajan fast bowlers with his technique. Are you complaining about a boxer bleeding from mismatch in a heavyweight match? No. Likewise, the Brazilian football team’s goal celebration against South Korea was not rude. It was their feelings and they will stay there!

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