Valorant New RGX 11z Pro 2 skin pack: Price, Release Date and more

The new Valorant “RGX 11Z Pro 2” skin pack will be coming to the store soon. The in-game weapon skins are the main attraction of the game and the developers are always bringing weapon skins, friends and cards in the game with the new update.

This new skin pack is an upgrade version of the RGX 11Z Pro gun skin, the skin was a huge success in the game and most people liked it and bought it. The RGX 11Z Pro skin pack includes Stinger, Guardian, Vandal, French and RGX Blade.

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Valorant RGX 11z Pro 2 skin pack details

Valorant New RGX 11z Pro 2 skin pack: Price, Release Date and more
RGX 11z Pro 2 skin pack: RGX Phantom

The new RGX 11Z Pro 2 skin pack comes with a futuristic theme and just like the RGX 11Z Pro pack, this skin includes 4 colors Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. And it includes a Kill Tracker as an Upgrade, but the kill finisher will be new and different just like in prime 2.0.

Appearance weapons have 5 upgrade levels of VFX, sound and visual effects, next level players get the finisher and kill banner, and the fifth player gets the kill counter feature. The main attraction of this new pack is the melee weapon, which is a butterfly blade and has 2 levels of upgrades where a player can upgrade their blade with RP, and the second is for animations and color effects.

Besides the weapons in a pack, there are some extra cosmetics that the player receives when purchasing a skin pack and these are the Player card, the Spray, and the Gunbuddy. RGX 11z Pro 2 offers:

  • RGX 11z Pro Firefly (Melee)
  • RGX 11z Pro Phantom
  • RGX 11z Pro Classic
  • RGX 11z Professional Operator
  • RGX 11z Pro Ghost

Release date

New skin pack RGX 11Z Pro 2 will arrive with a new patch note 4.09The new chapter comes with Chapter 4 Act 3 and on April 27, 2022. Players can download the update when available in your area and access the skin pack along with the New agent “Fade”.


The new bundle RGX 11Z Pro 2 costs 8,700 Valorant Points (VP), the cost per skin is 2175 VP, the player card is 375Vp, the Spray is priced at 325VP, and the final Gunbuddy is priced at 475VP. Players can buy the pack with their VP, if they don’t have VP in their account, they can buy it in-game and when the pack appears.

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