Sentinels Valorant Adds ShahZam to Hall of Fame

The Sentinels’ contract with ShahZam may be expiring this year, but they haven’t forgotten ShahZam’s contribution to the team. Considering all of his achievements, they took to social media to show their gratitude to former in-game leader ShahZam and added him to Sentinel’s hall of fame.

He was one of the oldest players in centimeters and joined them in April 2020 and has been a very important part of the organization ever since. They also acknowledged how it made such a good impression and changed the way the game was supposed to be played.

Sentinels won Valorant championship tournament 2021 stage 1 stage 2 master tournaments led by ShahZam. IGL gets a lot of unnecessary hate but he kept moving forward and became one of the best players in Valorant.

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Discussions about ShahZam and Sentinels Valorant

Sentinels Valorant ShahZam
ShahZam inducted into Sentinel’s Hall of Fame

While the gesture by the Sentinels was well received by fans, there’s no denying the messy controversy that preceded its debut. ShahZam claimed that he was not informed that he was removed from the Valorant roster for the Sentinels for the 2023 season. Allegedly, the publisher learned from an article he encountered on the live broadcast. Naturally, this was not appreciated by the community, who believed that ShahZam should be treated better by the organization he has been a part of for the past three years.

There could be a lot of controversy that he wasn’t aware of about his contract expiration and that he wasn’t included in the 2023 Valorant roster, and he learned it along with everyone when the information was leaked. On the other hand, the Sentinels CEO claims to have told ShahZam that his contract will expire at the end of this year and he is free to consider offers.

At this time, we have no information on whether ShahZam will be joining a new team. He recently tweeted that he is open to both T1 and T2 team invites.

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