Riot seeks Community feedback for Give Back Pack in Valorant

For the first time, Riot has decided to give back to the community. Return Package In Valorant, he stated that 50 percent of the profits from the sale of weapon skins and 100 percent from the sale of cosmetic items such as companions or player cards will be given back to the community to help the poor. this ion 2.0 it is the latest skin pack and has been well received so far. This time, however, Riot will be bringing back long-time fan-favourite skins, taking the input of fans and players to improve its game.

To this end, Riot conducted a survey. excitementgives global fans the opportunity to voice their opinions on the skins they want to return in this collection. The idea seems to be similar to a run-it-back collection, but the only difference is that Valorant lets its fans really have a say in the matter.

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Valorant Give Back package content

According to recent posts, the Give back collection is a side arm skin, an SMG, a rifle, and finally, either a sniper rifle or machine gun, whichever the community decides. This pack will also include several player cards and comrades, 100 percent of which will go to charity.

In the side arms section, the developers, Ghost of Prime Classic or Gaia’s Revenge. Both are unique looks in their own right, Gaia’s Revenge is a relatively newer model that debuted earlier this year. Price classic has been a community favorite since its release, and the choice is up to its fans.

Among the SMG, only the ghost is offered, although it comes in two surprising variants. this Magepunk Specter and Radient Crisis Specter Fans would be happier if newer skins such as the Ion 2.0 specter, Reaver specter, and even Forsaken specter were taken into account.

Rifles rivalry, as always, between Phantom and Vandal, always with the classic ones. Oni Phantom get a new one Neptune Vandal. While Oni has long held a special place in the hearts of the community, fans claim that Neptune Vandal has made it easy to get headshots.

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Finally, the last two weapons Abandoned Operator and Marauder Odin. Although Marauder Odin is relatively new, there could have been a better fight between the Ion Operator and Prime Odin.

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Whatever the case, fans may be excited that Valorant developers are finally considering their ideas. It will be interesting to learn what the community has chosen for a package whose price has not yet been announced.

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