OpTic FNS criticizes VCT Masters format as ridiculous

Pujan Mehta aka “FNS” is a professional Valorant player playing for OpTic Gaming, but also an in-game leader for his team. Recently, FNS has been criticizing the VCT format for placing the best teams directly into the playoff stage in an international tournament.

OpTic FNS brought up this topic in a recent interview right after they defeated Thai team Xerxia in the playoff stage of Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 Masters: Reykjavik. FNS said the way the top teams were sent directly to the playoff stage was ludicrous.

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OpTic FNS criticizes VCT and criticizes Valorant Master Format

OpTic FNS criticizes VCT for ridiculous Valorant Masters format
OpTic Gaming Valorant roster in an interview

OpTic FNS said the VCT format was ridiculous, with top teams from each region sent directly to the Valorant Champions Tour Tier 1 Masters: Reykjavik playoff stage. This decision by Riot, based on their performance in VCT leagues, happened in their home region.

And the 2nd place teams had to play the Group Stage to qualify for the next round. And on Wednesday, Master’s End OpTic, DRX and Team Liquid will pass the group stage playoffs.

FNS said:

“I think every team should play the group stages and qualify for the playoffs,” FNS said. Said. “But it’s not the teams fault or anything. I just think it’s a terrible format in that sense. They shouldn’t do that.”

“I don’t think any team should just make the playoffs,” “I think even if we win the final online against The Guard, I would still say it’s ridiculous that any team could make it straight from online play to the playoffs. not having to play group stages.”

However, OpTic players valiant “I feel like there are some advantages, I think for our team because we usually start a bit slow,” said Master’s Format, aka “YaY,” one of Optic Jaccob Whiteaker’s superstar players. now, so we can continue to build momentum and keep writing.”

In the playoffs, OpTic Gaming Valorant team will now face The Guard in double elimination format. The Guardian, champions of the North American Challengers 1, defeated OpTic Gaming 3-2 in the final.

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