PUBG Mobile Nusa map officially revealed, release date and more discovered

With six maps discovered by players so far in the Battle Royale game, Tencent is preparing to add the PUBG Mobile Nusa map. It looks like the new map will be the smallest map in the game and its first appearance was shown in a competitive tournament recently.

When it comes to content, PUBG Mobile seems to be way ahead as it often tries to bring changes to its gameplay by adding cross-content or adding a new map or weapon to the game through unique collaborations so that players don’t get tired of playing. in the same format every time. After adding a new TDM map named Santorini, the new PUBG Mobile Nusa map brings a whole new experience to the players.

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First look at PUBG Mobile Nusa map

PUBG Mobile Nusa map officially revealed, release date and more discovered
Nusa map

PUBG Mobile World Invitational wrapped up a few days ago and now regional teams are competing in their respective Pro Leagues. During one such PMPL for the South East Asia region, Tencent gave fans some information about the PUBG Mobile Nusa Map. According to officials, the new map will be available from next month, which means it will likely be added during the 2.2 update. As the updates are usually released after a two-month period each, players can expect the map to be available in the second week of September.

PUBG Mobile Nusa map will be 1 x 1 km in size, making it the smallest game on the map. The first view of this map, showcased during the tournament, reveals an island surrounded by massive mountains. The game will take about 8-10 minutes while the smallest map only allows 32 players. Given such a short time for gameplay, this map is unlikely to be used in competitive tournaments.

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While the map was officially revealed today, players were already familiar with the map’s surroundings and gameplay due to leaks provided by beta testers. The beta version of the 2.2 update was released recently, helping players get an idea of ​​the upcoming features of the game. While the 2.2 update doesn’t bring any co-op, players can look forward to new maps and weapons in the September release, with some exciting events revolving around the map.

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According to leaks, PUBG Mobile Nusa map will bring some additional features not found in other classic maps.

  • New weapons – Combustible crossbow, NS2000 Shotgun
  • postal lines
  • Boost Pool
  • elevators
  • New loot chest
  • big beach ball

Nusa will be the 7th map of the game, which can be played in all modes, including Solo, Duo and Squad. Official announcement coming soon PUBG Mobile announced a collaboration with Dragon Ball in 2023, so the game is accelerating to become popular once again.

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