How to watch BLACKPINK ‘The Virtual’ concert on PUBG Mobile?

The time has finally come when fans can say ‘BLACKPINK on your PUBG Mobile’ as players of this battle-royale game can soon witness a special concert called ‘The Virtual’ by the popular K-pop group consisting of four female members. .

We should remind players that for the second time, the group has decided to partner with one of Tencent’s most popular battle-royale games. The only difference this time is that they brought a special virtual concert for their fans.

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BLACPINK ‘The Virtual’ concert on PUBG Mobile: Dates, tickets and more

World-renowned K-pop group BLACKPINK will host a virtual concert for their fans for the first time. However, this concert is only for PUBG Mobile players as concert tickets will only be available in-game. ‘Virtual’ will be available on different dates for Americans and the rest of the world.

  • North and South America: 22-23 and 29-30 July
  • Rest of the World: 23-24 and 30-31 July

To witness the ‘virtual’ concert, players must purchase concert tickets, which can be performed by following the steps given below.

How to watch BLACKPINK 'The Virtual' concert on PUBG Mobile?
Concert tickets
  • STAGE 1: Open PUBG Mobile and click on the ‘Events’ section in the upper right corner of the menu
  • STEP 2: Click ‘Get your BLACKPINK concert tickets’ and tap Draw Tickets
  • STAGE 3: A virtual ticket will be created that can be shared on the player’s different social media accounts.

There are different ticket options for the concert such as Normal, Premium, VIP and VVIP. Players can choose any of them as it is free. In addition, an additional prize will be awarded in the in-game mail for the ticket draw. They need to collect the Gold Sharing Bundle, which can give an opportunity to win some rare rewards in PUBG Mobile.

How to watch BLACKPINK 'The Virtual' concert on PUBG Mobile?
BLACKPINK ‘The Virtual’ concert

‘Virtual’ concert BLACKPINK It will be showcased in different stages, each releasing some special tracks by group members Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose. The concert is not the only result of the BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile collaboration, the members’ exclusive outfits and voice packs will be released in-game shortly.

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