BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Day 1 Results: Teams enter full performance mode!

BGMI Masters Series is entering its 3rd Week finals today and the weekend started with great matches on the first day all together.

Four matches were played on the first day of Week 3 finals, and none of them disappointed viewers at the BGMI Masters Series in terms of pure entertainment.

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BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Day 1 Results

The BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Day 1 has concluded and here are the results from all four matches that took place today! Note that some of these may shock you! Watch BGMI Masters Series matches live locomotive and Star Sports 2

BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Day 1 Match 1: 7Sea Esports dominates the competition!

The match was on the Erangel map, which is known for epic gunfights and strategically placed players around the map. Strategies were put forward for the sake of the finals.

Top 5 places to find flare gun on Erangel map BGMI

The match was played this time by all 16 teams making it to the finals this week, including GodLike Esports, FS Esports, 7Sea Esports and more!

The match started slowly as usual as teams chose isolated places to go and we saw a low amount of conflict in the early stages of the match.

But as the match progressed, the game started to get interesting and we saw Team Global Esports perform amazingly and keep all four of their players alive until a later phase of the match.

However, the chances that Global Esports seemed to be thriving ran out quickly enough when they were attacked by some sort of sandwich by two teams from two different sides. Two players were defeated by OR Esports, while the other two were defeated by 7Sea.

7SEA Spraygod BGMI account banned for 3 months
Squad of 7SEA Esports BGMI

As we progressed through the BGMI Masters Series match, things kept getting more interesting as we saw massive offensive fights unfold.

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In the end, however, Neyoo of Godlike Esports was left alone in a massive 1v4 against the members of 7Sea Esports. Predictably, Neyoo didn’t come out on top in this fight, placing second for GodL as 7Sea took the win.

BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Day 1 Game 2: OR Esports is back!

The second match of the day took place on the Sanhok map, which is famous for early battles as we have witnessed in the past with revenant and Enigma Gaming.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Sanhok Map top 5 hot drop-off places in BGMI

The match was obviously played once again with the teams that made it to the finals of the 3rd week and GodL: It was natural for them to take revenge on 7Sea when they were so close to the top in the previous match.

Earlier in the match, as we said, we saw some fights coming and the game’s first finish took place as Godlike Esports’ zgod kicked Hero out of R Esports.

Then, Nigma Galaxy’s Xapollo did something that no one expected. When one of his teammates fell into a fight with Global Esports, Xapollo came to the rescue and was able to destroy the entire Global Esports team in one fell swoop and easily resurrected his teammate.

OrangeRock Esports
Orange Rock Esports

FS faced Blind Esports and came out on top after losing one of their own, Clutch, to their rivals. Despite losing a teammate, they still looked strong.

Towards the end, there were a lot of teams still alive and the circle made it such that there were gunfights almost everywhere, but in the end it was the OR esports who got into a fierce fight with Skylightz Gaming and won and were the winners. the game.

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BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Day 1 Match 3: Enigma Gaming is on top!

The match was on the desolate map of Miramar, which is known for having open lands, and it became even more important for players on this map.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Miramar Map top 3 hot drop locations on BGMI

The match started as FS Esports’ K47 got into a hilarious vehicular battle with Skylightz Gaming’s VeXe, who had a car on him and tried to crush the K47 but failed and eventually gave him a place.

Global Esports managed to pull out a player from Marcos Gaming who tried to evade them by driving a car but came out of GE’s sprays.

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Valorant Conquerors Championship India Qualifier 1 Results: Enigma Gaming qualified
Enigma Gaming

With 5 teams left in the end for the relatively larger circle, GodL was third party and was picked up by Insane Esports’ Param for a few finishes.

It was Enigma Gaming who showed complete and absolute dominance as they finished Blind Esports to give them third place and set their sights on Skylightz Gaming and after a bloody fight they took the WWCD.

BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Day 1 Match 4 : Chemin Esports advances!

As Godlike Esports battled against Skylightz Gaming, who pushed the hill Shadow held, two of their players went down and nearly a third took Shadow and resurrected them, causing GodLike to lose in an early player.

Then, moments later, we saw Enigma Gaming fighting Nigma Galaxy in a compound where equal give and take seemed equal until Global Esports decided to be third party on campus itself.

Top 5 places to find flare gun on Erangel map BGMI

Shortly after, 7Sea Esports decided to come to the same campus to catch a glimpse of the action and maybe get a piece of the pie, but they were the ones causing the most loss for themselves.

Shortly after, 7Sea Esports left the war with the disappearance of Global Esports and as the realm was fast approaching, the apollo of the Nigma galaxy tried to be sneaky but was taken over by Enigma Gaming.

In the final stages of the match, we saw FS Esports take a rare fight against R Esports, as OR Esports observed from the side.

OR was pushed out by the Orangutan soon after, but the Orangutan was eliminated as OR Esports managed to defend the compound they were in very well.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Chemin Esports will sign up for legacy 8bit BGMI series according to sources
Chemin Esports

FS Esports has moved further and further away from its original campus occupied by Chemin Esports, which had just eliminated R Esports and is now looking for more endpoints.

OR he soon finished FS Esports, then Chemin managed to pick OR Esports players one by one, and it was only a matter of time until the last player hiding in Aaru form was removed. Chemin Esports took the win.

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