BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results: The Orangutan has reached 100!

Week 2 of the BGMI Masters Series has been going on for a few days now and we’re seeing the teams put on their best performance so far for a shot at the 1.5 INR Crore Prize Pool!

So far, we’ve seen OR Esports hold the top spot from day 1 of the qualifiers, but yesterday it just barely held up and it looks like we have a new king this time around.

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BGMI Masters Series 2nd Week 3rd Day Results

As the Week 3 Day 2 of the BGMI Masters Series came to a close, we saw teams get goosebumps on one hand, and other teams make up for what they lost in the first few days on the other.

Match 1 : Fear of Enigma reappears!

The first map of the day was on the Erangel map, where teams always make sure to show us the latest and greatest games they have produced, and testing them in the tournament is one of the best fire tests.

The match included teams from Groups A and B. Both have many great teams and each can do wonders at any point in the match.

Valorant Conquerors Championship India Qualifier 1 Results: Enigma Gaming qualified
Enigma Gaming

As we rapidly approached the midpoint of Week 2, each point slowly and steadily became more and more important to each team, and everyone knew it. It was a question of who could handle the pressure better.

As all teams descended on Erangel’s green lands, people were eager to see their favorite teams from Group B perform, but the match seemed to have something else entirely to offer.

As we know it is always important to go higher in Battle Royale games and BGMI is no different. It was this advantage that gave Enigma Gaming their first game of the day after they were eliminated in a long battle and then a deadly blast from all four of 8bit eSports players. Eggy received the MVP Award for Game 1 of Week 2 of the BGMI Masters Series.

Match 2: Orangutan enters WWCD!

Shortly after the first match of the day, the second match started on the Sanhok map, the land of healing wars, where healables are as important as ammo for your weapons. Without them, you might as well be dead.

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The groups that joined this time were the A and B groups we saw playing in the first match, again where Enigma Gaming has prepared a show suitable for us to watch.

Orangutan Game
Orangutan Game

The match started slowly and we saw a similar fighting style come into play, just as we saw slow fights at the beginning of the match.

Slowly and steadily, we saw an increasing number of teams in a region that was shrinking every second, which brought us to a big moment for the game when everything turned upside down.

As the circle got smaller and smaller in the final region, we saw an amazing four-way fight between the top four teams – Orangutan, Chemin Esports, Godlike Esports and OR Esports.

After again poor results in the first game, OR Esports was desperately trying to score as many points as they could in the second game of the day, but it looked like WizGod of Orangutan had other plans by eliminating the last player. Aaru of OR Esports WWCD for his team after receiving the MVP Award of the match.

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Match 3: GodLike brings it back!

The third and final map of the day was the sandy Miramar map; this map is the most important of the three maps as it is one of the most abundant covers people will encounter in an open desert.

This time the participating groups were groups B and C, and the lack of top teams made it an even more important match for the middle and bottom ranked teams.

BGMI: GodLike Esports has released official statement on poaching allegations by TSM India on 'The Shadow'
Esports Like God

One of the most disappointing popular teams has been Godlike Esports. With all the hype behind them, they certainly failed to perform as expected and were slowly rebuilding their reputations after making their way into the top 4 teams of the match.

The Miramar map has seen GodL’s true potential rise once again, showing the world that they display impeccable gameplay with their position as well as their distinctive aggressive playstyle that allows them to score great points while eliminating any teams approaching them. over the edge to take them down.

Towards the end, GodL grabbed an opportunity and took it, eliminating the last player to score the most points, combined with 12 points from the Orangutan for finishing 13 and for second place. In the last game of Week 2, Day 3 of the BGMI Masters Series.

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Overall Ranking

After the third day of Week 2 came to an end, we saw the Orangutan come out on top with Godlike climbing 11 places, after scoring plenty of points in the last two games. With that, here is the overall standings after Week 2 Day 3 has ended.

BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results Page 1
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results Page 1
BGMI Masters Series 2nd Week 3rd Day Results Page 2
BGMI Masters Series 2nd Week 3rd Day Results Page 2
BGMI Masters Series 2nd Week 3rd Day Results Page 3
BGMI Masters Series 2nd Week 3rd Day Results Page 3

Thus, the third day of BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Qualification has ended and the next matches will be played tomorrow and can be watched live. locomotiveStar Sports 2 and Overview.

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