BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 Results: OR Esports is holding #1 somehow

BGMI Masters Series is a LAN event for Battlegrounds Mobile India, the India-exclusive version of the forever popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile.

The series boasts a huge prize pool of 1.5 INR and is said to be one of the biggest events the game has ever seen. Not to mention the fact that the event is also a LAN tournament!

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BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 Results

Since Week 2 has already kicked off, we’ve seen multiple different teams play games we haven’t seen during the opening weekend, revealing that there are secret strategies that teams are hiding for when it will help them score points later.

Match 1: Immortal bags victory for Team XO!

The first match was on the Erangel map, which saw the heaviest balls dropped by players and the most played on the map, considering it was the game’s first map.

The match took place between groups B and C and gave us a show of teams like Enigma Gaming, SouL, Orangutan and the like, where SouL failed to give a satisfactory performance and left them disappointed.

OR Esports disappointed not only their fans but also everyone who watched yesterday despite playing incredibly well, they finished this game in last place with 0 points overall.

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Closing with the region participants, it looked as if Nigma Galaxy had WWCD in their bag for themselves, but for people who already thought so, Team XO flipped the cards on them and took the victory from Nigma Galaxy.

After Sensei was kicked out, Immortal was given the task of winning the game for Team XO and did the boy perform above his expectations?

In the final round, when the 1v1v1 situation collapsed, Immortal quickly took Dionysus from Marcos Gaming and then proceeded to take down Jaxon from Hydra Esports and take WWCD right under their noses. Immortal also received the MVP award for the first match of Day 2 of the BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Qualifiers.

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Game 2: Competitive Esports clears their opponents to claim the win!

The second match of the day was played on the Miramar map. With the abandoned lands and high hills, the match would be an interesting battle as the teams descend on the battlefields.

The match this time was between groups A and C and also consisted of FS Esports, who we saw taking their first WWCD on the Erangel map yesterday and are also known as the kings of consistency!

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When playing on the Miramar map, it’s important for players to prioritize getting the high ground to gain an advantage over other teams playing against them.

The aforementioned strategy is exactly what Rivalry Esports pursued and reached the high level that saved them from the waves of attacks they received from Team Insane Esports.

It was their ability to fend off waves of attacks from Insane Esports that earned Rivalry Esports the match and their first Winner Win Chicken Dinner in the tournament! Rivalry Esports’ Admino was named MVP in Game 2 of Day 2 of the BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Qualifiers.

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Match 3: BLIND Esports takes another win against their rivals!

In the third and final match of the day, the classic Erangel map is back, where players were the most creative with their strategy and savings until the final fight.

Groups A and C again participated in the match, where we saw Team XSpark and Revenant India preparing a show for the audience as they entered a direct confrontation.

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Unlike any other match we’ve seen so far, when Nigma Galaxy and Global Esports went head-to-head, we saw an early fight brewing and it went well in the first two minutes of the game.

In the final round, we saw a 3v3v3 fight between Teams XSpark, Revenant and Blind Esports and saw Blind Esports make the smarter decision to sit while the other two teams fought and hurt each other.

As Team XSpark picked up two players from Revenant, Blind seized the opportunity and took Team XSpark out from high ground where they were taking full advantage of the advantage they had created for them, and eventually won the match and got themselves a WWCD to win the game. . It was Topdawgg who took the MVP title of this match.

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Overall Ranking

While the teams are fighting in three games again today, the number of matches played by each team has been equalized and decreased to 4 for each participating team.

When all the games of the day were over, the standings after the BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Qualification Day 2 final match were as follows!

BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 Results
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 General Standings Page 1
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 General Standings Page 2
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 General Standings Page 2
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 General Standings Page 3
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 2 General Standings Page 3

And with that, Week 2 Day 2 of the BGMI Masters Series ended with OR Esports only being saved by some points as other teams with them weren’t performing well either.

You can watch the event live locomotiveStar Sports 2 and Glance are also official partners of the event.

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