According to leaks, Skyesports could bring a BGMI LAN tournament worth 2 Crores.

Skyesports recently promoted a BGMI tournament that will have a prize pool in Crores of Indian Rupees, and it looks like the prize pool has been leaked for it!

The tournament, called Skyesports League 2022, was supposed to be held in August of 2022, that is this year, but the prize pool, which was a big question mark in people’s minds, leaked!

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Skyesports League Prize Pool leaked?

skyesports It is one of the largest esports tournament organizers in India and also in the Southeast Asia region, with huge and innovative tournaments held every year.

Game streaming platform Rooter signs media rights deal with Skyesports

The organization also recently hosted the first Valorant LAN in India called Skyesports Souvenir Mumbai, followed by the Champions Series, an official Riot joint event.

They have also dipped their fingers into the Mobile Gaming world with multiple tournaments for different Mobile games and of course the BGMI phenomenon is a big part of it.

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The organization recently unveiled an 8-figure prize pool tournament to be held in August in New Delhi, India’s capital, with speculation that the tournament will be a LAN.

Apparently, the tournament’s prize pool has been leaked and is said to be INR 2,00,00,000, if true, they will be the largest ever prize pools for eSport of BGMI.

Whether the news is true or not has yet to be confirmed, but one thing is for sure, Skyesports is a big organization and that number doesn’t always seem impossible for an organization as big and brilliant as they are, and with brands like AMD and Rooter. If we’re going to back them up, the numbers are certainly not impossible.

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