Nobru Free Fire ID, K/D Ratio, Statistics, Monthly Revenue, YouTube Channel and More for February 2022

Free Fire is the most popular game in the mobile battle royale genre, and this immense popularity has led to many content creators. Here in this post we will take a look at Nobru Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, stats, monthly revenue, YouTube channel and more for February 2022.

Nobru, aka Bruno Goes, is a major content creator in the Free Fire community. He has amassed more than 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with over 860 million combined views. He is also the CEO of Fluxo, which finished fourth in the Free Fire World Series 2021. Let’s take a look at Nobru Free Fire ID, stats and more for February 2022.

Nobru Free Fire ID and Statistics

Nobru Free Fire ID’228159683‘.

Lifetime Statistics

Nobru Lifetime Statistics
Nobru Lifetime Statistics

Nobru won 2,455 first places in squad mode in 11766 games played. It made 29502 pieces and the K/D ratio is 3.17.

He took part in 2777 matches and defeated his enemies in 407 of them. He has 9112 kills for a 3.83 K/D ratio.

Nobru also participated in 4931 solo games and won 743 titles for himself. He collected 20007 eliminations for a P/D ratio of 4.78.

FireEyes Gaming Free Fire ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, YouTube Channel, February 2022 Monthly Revenue And More

Ranked Statistics

Nobru Ranked Statistics
Nobru Ranked Statistics
  • Nobru has yet to play his first match in the 26th season, which continues in all game modes.

Note: Nobru’s stats were recorded at the time of writing and may change as more matches are played in Free Fire.

Nobru YouTube Channel and Monthly Income

Nobru started his YouTube journey more than two and a half years ago. He posted more than 716 videos on his channel with 876 million views. It gathered a huge audience of 13.3 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, Nobru’s monthly YouTube earnings are between $743 and $11.9k.

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