How to Use the New Fortnite Boulder Trap in Creative Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite Creative is the only one of its kind in the world of Fortnite outside of the battle royale mode. The mod was recently added to Creative Chapter 3 Season 2 with a new Fortnite Boulder Trap. This is part of Fortnite, except that players can use different creative Map Codes to get a different flavor in their gaming experience.

Players can create their own servers and have others join them. The article talks about the new Boulder Trap recently added to Fortnite Creative for players.

How to Use the New Fortnite Boulder Trap in Creative Chapter 3 Season 2
How to Use the New Fortnite Boulder Trap in Creative Chapter 3 Season 2

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Fortnite Rock Trap

The aim of the Boulder Trap is to trigger a rolling ball that can eliminate players who are crushed by the ball. With this gameplay example you will be able to successfully use Ball Spawner, Mutator Zone, Pinball Flipper and Ball Spawner. Cheat Tiles create a secret trap to challenge players.

The creative mode in Fortnite has a mode where players must complete quests. It allows the community to unlock different arenas with challenges that players can join.

Most devices use the settings found in the Basic Options menu, some of the devices below use the settings found in them. All Options. All Channel settings can be found at: channel menu. Here’s how to use the New Fortnite Boulder Trap in Creative:

  1. print tab To turn on Build Mode.
  2. click prefabsFor this example you will need the following:
    1. Castle Prefabricated: This is the building where you will place your Boulder Trap. For the Boulder Trap, use the top of the left staircase at the castle entrance.
    2. castle walls: These walls Castle Prefabricated.
  3. click OPEN you will need two when you choose the castle wall. The walls are supposed to block the entrance to the staircase and rigged tiles will be placed on them.
  4. Add the prefab castle to your FAST BAR and place it on your island.
  5. Go through the front entrance of the castle and find the staircase on the left. The second set of stairs leading to the second landing on this staircase is where you will set up your rock trap.
  6. Erase the columns above and below the second set of stairs and the arches above the landing between the two sets of stairs. print P turn on your phone and x To delete highlighted items
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How to Use the New Fortnite Boulder Trap in Creative Chapter 3 Season 2
How to Use the New Fortnite Boulder Trap in Creative Chapter 3 Season 2
Choice Value Description
Allow Gun Fire Yup Allows players to shoot within the mutator zone.
Zone Depth 2nd Extends the Mutator Zone area lengthwise to the top of the stairs and the wall under the stairs.
Enable VFX Number Blocks the Mutator Zone device from flashing when the player approaches the trap.
Entering Zone on Player Transmission On channel 1 When a player enters the zone, it allows the zone to transmit to other devices connected to channel one.

The amazing nature of Boulder Trap gives your players a little challenge and makes them work for their victory. The Rock Trap can be placed inside any building with stairs or in a corridor as long as the ball can pass the ceiling and there are no objects blocking its path.

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