How to complete the zombie chicken quest in Fortnite

If flying on chicken’s back is on your Fortnite to-do list, then Fortnitemares 2022, you can do this and also earn XP by completing your mission. Unlike the regular chicken that usually roams in the game, these zombie chickens are a special breed and more aggressive by nature, so be careful if you intend to ride them.

The developers decided to have some fun with the interrogators and give them the task of flying on a chicken. And as an added incentive, they entered a substantial 15000 XP in-game loop to force these questioners to complete their missions. However, it is quite difficult to get hold of these chickens, especially if they are overly aggressive. Here is a step-by-step guide to fly these zombie chickens and have some fun.

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First, go down to the eastern end of the oily land. Preserve near Reality Roots or near the Passed Outpost. One benefit of this quest is that there is no shortage of these zombie chickens. So you can wander around comfortably until you come across a zombie chicken. As these areas do not offer any strategic value, players rarely come here, making this one of the safest areas to complete this challenge.

Once you find the chicken, go ahead and catch it before it attacks you. Alternatively, you can dodge the attack and then make a grab, but this poses a greater risk as these chickens move in groups. However, be sure to leave the area immediately after grabbing a chicken to prevent the group from following you.

You can jump off a cliff with a chicken in hand to fly. This will allow you to fly about 75 meters, complete your challenge and earn your required XP in-game.

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Fortnitemares is also offering a free Pickaxe in Fortnite

Fortnitemares 2022

FortniteThe Fortnitemares Pickaxe is one of the last rewards a player can receive after completing all the missions. This is a nice cosmetic melee skin that can be applied over your melee weapon to make it more attractive. Claiming this ax is not easy, as all 25 quests will need to be completed to unlock this item.

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However, as a way to collectively appease the community, Fortnite has decided to give pickaxes to certain players who missed out on other missions due to the removal of Wolfcent and Claws, as well as various server issues. Fortnite has since added back Wolfscent and Claws, so only those who lacked it in the early stages are set to receive this cosmetic for free.

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