How to complete Fortnite quest: Talk to Characters and Deliver Herald Alert

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5 has dropped and it’s full of new skins and exciting challenges. This particular challenge is an easy challenge. The ‘Talk to Characters and Deliver Herald Alert’ quest will take players just a few seconds to complete. Additionally, this season’s antagonist, The Herald, is also coming to the in-game store as a skin.

Fortnite has dropped the Fortnite Herald Quest, and players will be able to receive new harvest tools, sprays, back decorations, and more after completing it. The biggest attraction of this quest is the Herald’s skin and the Burning Ember Cloak variant. The Herald is included in the battle pass so only players with the battle pass can unlock it. Players can unlock a new loading screen by completing this quest, and here’s how they can do it.

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To complete the quest, players will need to interact with 3 different NPCs in 3 different locations. Starting with Greasy Grove, players need to dive into this POI and search for Guaco. Guaco can be found near the taco restaurant. Interact with him and select the alert option to start the challenge. The location of the next NPC will be marked on your map. Repeat this process three times and the task will be completed. There are more than 20 NPCs spread all over the place and any NPC can be assigned to players.

The mission will end with this season, so players need not worry as there is plenty of time to complete the challenges.

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All About Fortnite The Herald Quest

Fortnite Herald
How to complete Fortnite quest: Talk to Characters and Deliver Herald Alert 2

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5 has dropped and it brings exciting missions. In Herald Quest, players will see five difficulties as follows:

  • Damage opponents while in Chrome: Players who complete this will receive the Herald Banner.
  • Eliminate 10 players: Players are given A spray.
  • Tame two Chrome-ified Wildlifes: Completing these players will receive an ember-backed bling.
  • Fire 50 builds: After completing this, players will receive a Harvest vehicle
  • Complete all three of the Herald Quests: Completing any three quests will reward players with Herald Outfit.
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After completing the five missions, players will have access to all other Herald missions. There are many more missions with great rewards to keep players busy this season, so be sure to check them all out.

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