Fortnite Leak Hints at Possible Pokemon Collaboration in Creative 2.0

Fortnite’s battle royale mode is the main aspect of the game, but its impressive creative mode is often overlooked. Players have designed great maps in creative mode like Fall Guys Fortnite and Purple Garden.

A new leak featuring a map of unique Pokémon models gives players a glimpse of what Creative 2.0 will bring with it. The leak comes from the leading leaker for Battle Royale game HYPEX, who tweeted some pictures and details about Creative Mode 2.0.

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Fortnite Creative 2.0 Leak Brings New Additions to Fashion

Fortnite Leak Hints at Possible Pokemon Collaboration in Creative 2.0
Provides a lot of freedom for creative gamers

According to leaked details, Creative 2.0 memory is still limited to 100MB. However, the 2.0 editor includes special accessories, a “huge gallery of accessories” provided by Epic Gamesa terrain and water spline editor and more.

HYPEX includes screenshots of this element, and one map features a pond with various Pokemon along the shore, including Lapras, Gyarados, Slowpoke, and Kingler. A small scene is shown. Unfortunately for fans hoping to switch between Pokémon and Battle Royale gameplay, HYPEX has confirmed that “the Pokémon map is not official.”

While disappointing, this set of screenshots featuring unofficial Pokemon models contains some impressive information. Epic Games has been praising the Battle Royale game’s “Stronger” creative mode for a long time, so it’s definitely exciting to see what it can really do. The images leaked from HYPEX are 4 months old, so the editors probably tweaked it and improved it further.

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Of course, it should not be forgotten that these are still leaks and are not approved by Epic Games. Hopefully the developers will be able to officially release Creative 2.0 soon.

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