Fortnite leak hints at a new Uncharted collaboration

Fortnite has been included in a slew of new TV shows and movies in recent months. With Uncharted scheduled to hit theaters in a few weeks, it looks like this trend will continue, although we’re not sure how far this transition will go.

Uncharted was mentioned in a new Fortnite leak today, according to HYPEX, which was linked to an event later this month. This quote is specifically about a challenge that will be released on February 17.pearl and requires players to “Collect Treasures using an Undiscovered Treasure Map”. That’s important, as Uncharted hits theaters the next day, February 18.pearl. As a result, it seems almost certain that this collaboration will happen this month.

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Unexplored skin in Fortnite

As previously mentioned, we don’t know if Uncharted will appear in Fortnite beyond a simple challenge. According to history, the addition of skins based on Uncharted characters (i.e. Nathan Drake) could somehow be expected. However, this is yet to be discovered.

Fortnite leak hints at a new Uncharted collaboration 3

It’s also worth noting that we have no idea what version of the franchise will be included if Uncharted does come to Fortnite. While any link to the Tom Holland movie would be ideal, there’s always the possibility that PlayStation will instead offer a similar look to Nathan Dark from the video game franchise.

After all, Holland has previously appeared in Fortnite with a Spider-Man skin that carries his own face. While we’ve seen characters with similar similarities come to Fortnite before, it would be strange to see two Tom Holland skins come out so close together.

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Fortnite leak hints at a new Uncharted collaboration 4

For now, most of this Uncharted crossover Fortnite It’s just speculation, so don’t get too excited about seeing Nathan Drake in the battle royale shooter. Let us know in the comments what you think of this collaboration.

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