The Call of Duty Shoot House map will come to Call of Duty Warzone Mobile as a pre-registration bonus

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile It is the next in line game for the Call of Duty Series. The game will bring the original COD Battle Royale experience to smartphones. Battle Royale will feature 120 players who crash into Verdansk and fight for survival.

Now the Shoothouse map will come with the launch of the game. This is a 5v5 multiplayer map and will be added to the game if the game reaches 35 million pre-registrations. The game will include TV Station and Scrapyard as 2 other multiplayer maps.

It will be convenient for players to grind weapons in Warzone Mobile, as Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will share progress with Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2. The community already enjoyed being able to grind battle passes and weapons anywhere, and now they can do it on their favorite multiplayer map.

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Shoot House is coming to Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Shoothouse multiplayer map in Call of Duty (image via activision)
Shoothouse multiplayer map in Call of Duty (image via Activision)

Pre-registration for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has already reached reward stage 4. The following rewards have been announced when certain registration milestones have been reached:

  • 5 million pre-registrations: Emblem: Dark Familiar and Vinyl: Foe’s Flame
  • 10 million pre-registration: Blueprint (X12): Prince of Hell
  • 15 million pre-registration: Blueprint (M4): Archfiend
  • 25 million pre-registrations: “Ghost Condemned” Operator Skin

Now the 35 million pre-registration bonus has also been released, making it the most loved Shoot House multiplayer map of all time.

Shoot House is a Multiplayer map with a three-lane design and focuses on fast-paced gameplay. After Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Shoot House is coming to COD Warzone Mobile.

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To pre-register for the game, players will need to browse the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for IOS) and search for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. To sign up for early access rewards, open the first link in the search result and click the Pre-register or Pre-order button.

The release date of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has not been announced yet. Players are waiting for the game to be released in May 2023 by looking at the expected release date on the App Store.

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