Esportz Campus Tour attracts great interest from players in Umang 2022

Esports has been growing rapidly in India over the past few years. Many people became actively interested in sports and even formed professional careers. Naturally, several esports organizations have also popped up over the years, and Esportz is such a popular name.

esports (a GIGWORK company) is India’s one-stop esports and gaming hub. In a recent attempt to popularize the sport in India, Esportz faced off with the Esportz Campus Tour, an initiative where the organization tours various educational institutions. The initiative opened in Umang 2022 at Narsee Monjee College in Mumbai and was a huge success.

Esportz launches Esportz Campus Tour at Mumbai’s NM College festival

Esportz aims to bring esports to the forefront in India and is doing it in a new way with the Esportz Campus Tour. The event aims to encourage more students to become actively involved in esports and try their skills. If they want to go further, Esportz can also provide these students with a space to learn more about the game.

The opening of this grand event took place at NM College in Mumbai in Umang 2022, one of the biggest university festivals in the country. Umang took place from September 15-18 at JVPD Ground, Mumbai. More than 3000 players from +180 colleges across India competed in Call of Duty (for mobile), Valorant (for PC) and FIFA 22 (for) over four days, with state-of-the-art game setups strengthening the position. console) to win product giveaways and cash prizes. The venue also attracted more than 30,000 visitors.

Esportz Campus Tour
Esportz Campus Tour Valorant Arena

Ashish Kudalkar, Vice President of Capital Group, “Considering the enthusiasm in which players from more than 180 colleges competed at the inaugural event of the Esportz Campus Tour, we wanted to provide the best possible gaming experience over the LAN for future esports stars. University esports has had a significant impact on the overall expansion of esports in recent years. This growth will be confirmed by more students playing and participating in esports programs through the Esportz Campus Tour. The event was so successful that we are already planning a Pan-India Tour.”

Although the event was a huge success at Narsee Monjee, the Esportz Campus Tour event aims to provide a break at more than 10 colleges in Mumbai, thereby helping more young minds delve deeper into the world of esports.

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