Cardi B Claims She Missed Million Dollar Call of Duty Deal

The female hip-hop icon, popularly known as Cardi B, has expressed regret in a series of tweets that she apparently “missed a million-dollar deal” for a potential collaboration with Call of Duty. Fans must be wondering what it’s like to see Cardi B in Call of Duty commercials and in-game appearances.

Toward a new Call of Duty release each year, Activision tends to bring in big names to help promote the game. Fans have seen several live-action commercials this year featuring the likes of Pete Davidson, Steve Aoki, and TimtheTatman. Apparently, Cardi B was supposed to join this roster, but was unable to make a name for herself in the Call of Duty series due to scheduling conflicts.

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It Looks Like Cardi B Missed Her Million Dollar Call Of Duty Due To ‘Timing Conflicts’

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Cardi B can be seen wearing the diamond necklace of Call of Duty operator “Ghost”

In several tweets last week, the rapper Cardi B said she could not attend the scheduled shooting date for Call of Duty (COD) as it conflicted with the court date. In his court case, he pleaded guilty to two assault charges stemming from an incident involving him and two other women working at an adult entertainment club.

His appearance in court on September 15 coincided with the alleged shooting date for COD. It was understood that Activision and Cardi B representatives could not change the shooting date for other reasons. His tweet about the situation did not specify what he would do as part of his deal with Activision, but there was a “million dollar” offer on the table with the publisher.

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Cardi B took the time to teach her fans a lesson that violence isn’t always the solution and that past events can come back and make people uncomfortable. In his case, it hurt millions in his pockets. Recently, famous rapper Ice Spice tried to force Activision to reschedule Cardi B’s Call of Duty shoot, but even that ship seems to be on its way, at least for now.

In July, Cardi B shot the music video for her single “Hot Sh*t” wearing a diamond necklace featuring the beloved Call of Duty character “Ghost”. This could have been the start of a larger collaboration between the rapper and Activision for his role in Call of Duty. Rappers like Snoop Dogg, Gunna, and Cardi B’s husband Offset have lent their images and music to the latest releases Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Now Cardi B should look forward to future opportunities to bring her image and music to the Call of Duty franchise.

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