YouTube is testing a new way to directly watch the most interesting parts of a video

youtube fast forward

YouTube regularly tests new features to stay current and encourage users to stay on the video platform. For example, in March 2024, the YouTube TV application was facelifted with a completely new interface. For example, while the size of the video player is reduced, users can easily access certain functions such as comments, descriptions or purchasing products from the side window.

We also know that Picture-in-Picture mode, which is currently exclusive to Premium members, may soon be available to all users. In fact, some free users have found that they can take advantage of the functionality in videos from some popular YouTubers, such as Linus Tech Tips or ShortCircuit.

However, according to our colleagues at Android Headlines, the video platform is currently testing a new feature for Premium members. To summarize, this tool allows users to scroll directly to the most popular and most viewed parts of the video.

YouTube fast forward feature is getting better

To do this, the functionality relies on artificial intelligence, which is responsible for analyzing a large amount of data, especially regarding user behavior. Identify the most popular parts of a video. AI also uses your personal preferences to choose times that are most likely to interest you.

What does this look like in concrete terms? Today, to fast forward a YouTube video on Android and iOS, simply “double-tap” the screen to go forward 10 seconds. If you want to go further, you have to repeat the maneuver, which may not be practical or pleasant. Thanks to this feature, when you double-tap to fast forward, YouTube will suggest you go directly to certain parts of the video that viewers liked.

For now, the platform is testing this method with a small panel of users who subscribe to the Premium plan. If you are one of them, you can go to the Settings section of your YouTube account and then go to Try experimental features. You may be lucky enough to enable this temporary feature.

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