YouTube: Targeted ads used to watch kids on the web

Canadian bank BMO wants new customers to take home a credit card. Thanks to a special Google tool, Targeted ad campaign on YouTube. Strangely enough, the ad in question is a video for kids. Relevant chain so far 113 million subscribers. But it doesn’t end there: when you click on the ad, you are directed to the bank’s website. tags the browser with tracking software from Google, Meta, Microsoft

This behavior is defined by Analytical East against COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). 1998 US law prohibits tracking and targeting of users under the age of 13.. In 2019, Google was fined $170 for collecting personal data from children. According to the analysis by New York Times, tech giants were able to track children onlinecan only be doneafter parental leave.

Targeted ads appear and follow on YouTube videos for kids

Adnalytics shows it identified 300+ adult product ads in 100 YouTube videos tagged “made for kids”. Attaching this label requires following very strict rules. Viewers are not signed in to their Google Account while watching. However, clicking on the ad triggers viewers to come. When asked, Google replies that the study is “deeply flawed and misleading.” The company repeats this.does not serve ads targeting children and i can’t check the data collected by a site after clicking on a YouTube ad.

BMO bank, on the other hand, expresses its concern, reminding that it never intends to broadcast its ads to children. It looks like Google still has work to do to speed up its system as YouTube goes to war against ad blockers. let’s remember this showing adult ads on children’s videos is not per se illegal. The Mountain View company even says it’s useful. turn parents into future customers.

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