You don’t know, but THIS ‘Star Wars’ villain is more terrifying than Darth Vader

Darth Vader is arguably the greatest threat in the entire history of “Star Wars“. Despite this, there is another villain who perhaps evokes even greater terror than that caused by him in the symbolic last scenes of “Rogue One – a Star Wars story”.

Although the fury of Darth Vader in this scene is epic and demonstrates its incomparable power, it cannot match the terror caused by another villain in the saga.

Have you ever heard of General Grievous?

In “Rogue One“, fans were able to witness how Rebellion spies managed to steal the Death Star plans. The group, which gives its name to the film’s title, led by Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, infiltrated an Imperial facility to obtain the plans and transmitted them to a Rebel ship.

However, before they could escape, Darth Vader boarded the ship and, with his skill with the lightsaber and the power of the Force effortlessly decimated the rebels, cutting them into pieces.

While this scene was frightening for the rebels, it doesn’t come close to what General Grievous is capable of provoking.

The supreme commander of the droid army has already shown his grace in the first chapters of the “Star Wars” saga, facing Obi-Wan Kenobi when the clone wars were taking place.

In a comic titled “Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir #3”, which precedes the events of the films, we see General Grievous in action. In it, Count Dooku and Grievous receive orders from Darth Sidious to track down and capture Darth Maul.

However, the situation is reversed when Maul and his group of mandalorians manage to arrest Dooku and Grievous. Freed by Dooku, Grievous runs through the base like a cybernetic spider, using his claws to dismember Mandalorians with impressive speed and agility.

Their movements and training are too much for even the most skilled Mandalorians. See a page from the comic in question:

Image: Lucas Books/Star Wars/Reproduction

Darth Vader vs General Grievous: who is stronger?

Although it is undeniable that Darth Vader is extremely more powerful than General Grievous, we cannot deny that Grievous’ figure is far more terrifying than Vader in these two incredibly similar scenes.

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The sight of a robotic monster contorting itself in impossible ways, stalking its victims with supernatural speed and agility, and slashing at them with its bloody claws is truly something straight out of a horror movie.

There is something viscerally repulsive about the way General Grievous kills his targets. This argument can be compared to the confrontation between a Xenomorph and a exterminator. Both are equally deadly, but one is part of a sci-fi/horror franchise while the other is more aligned with action.

The methods of Darth Vader They’re deadly, but they’re not as scary as General Grievous’s. Therefore, the scene in question chills anyone’s spine!