Worst villain in the galaxy: check out 5 impressive deaths caused by Darth Vader in Marvel comics

Since “Star Wars” comics transitioned from Dark Horse Publishing to the all-encompassing home of Marvel in 2015, one thing has become gloriously clear: Darth Vader He’s the biggest villain in the galaxy. The beloved Sith Lord flourished under Marvel’s rule.

From Kieron Gillen’s inspiring 2015 series to Greg Pak’s current run at the helm, Marvel writers have done an exceptional job of establishing how Vader earned his reputation as the most feared man in the galaxy far, far away.

Therefore, the time has come for you to discover five notable deaths caused by the character:

1. The Five Imperial Officers

Photo: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

Darth Vader’s act of strangling five random Imperial officers serves as a terrifying reminder of his level of authority in Palpatine’s Empire. This incident occurs at the beginning of the “Darth Vader” series, written by Charles Soule. The stories focus on the early days of Vader’s apprenticeship with Palpatine.

In a meeting called by them, all high-ranking imperial officials were brought together. At the time, Palpatine made it clear that Vader was his right hand and that all of his actions had the Emperor’s approval.

Thus, Vader chose to execute five randomly chosen Imperial officers. All this to show that he would attack in the same way if they attacked him.

2. Summa-Verminoth

Photo: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

It’s inevitable not to remember Lovecraft’s most famous creation when looking at the Summa-Verminoth: an imposing mass of tentacles capable of driving people crazy just by being near them (the difference is that the Summa-Verminoth distorts the minds of its victims by showing tell them how they will die).

So how does Vader defeat this Lovecraftian monster? The same way he solves most of his problems: by applying the Force precisely to his prey’s trachea. Unfortunately for the Summa-Verminoth, there was no Governor Tarkin around to order Vader to loosen the grip on his throat.

3. Emperor Palpatine

Photo: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

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Of course, while this event is completely canon, it never occurred in reality. Vader’s swift execution of Palpatine is the result of a Force vision that shows Vader the future he could have if he renounced the Dark Side.

Vader may have refused the call to the light, but it is implied that if he had followed through with the vision, he actually could have defeated Palpatine as easily as the Emperor dealt with all the Jedi except Mace Windu in Revenge of the Lord. Sith.”

4. King of Shu-Torun

Photo: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

Some may consider this entry a bit misleading, as the King of Shu-Torun was killed by assassins and not at the hands of Darth Vader himself. However, although Vader did not wield the knife, the responsibility for the King’s death rests entirely with him.

Palpatine tasked Vader with dealing with the leader of the rebel planet Shu-Torun and installing a more obedient puppet on the throne. Then, Vader followed the regicide act with one of the coldest moments in “Star Wars” history.

After placing the king’s terrified daughter on the throne, Vader gave her a parting gift: a piece of space rock. This rock was all that was left of Alderaan, the last planet that tried to rebel against the Empire.

5. Kirak Infil’a: Vader’s greatest duel

Photo: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

A vision of a more hopeful future for Vader occurred during his attempt to corrupt a kyber crystal. Vader obtained this particular crystal by prying it from the cold, limp hands of a Jedi known as Kirak Infil’a. Kirak was an exiled warrior from the Jedi Order, thus escaping the consequences of Order 66.

Vader, without a lightsaber of his own, was physically at a disadvantage against Infil’a and ended up being thrown off a cliff. However, Infil’a made the classic hero mistake of assuming that the villain could not have survived such a huge fall and left. Thus, Vader recovered and went after Kirak, killing him with his own lightsaber.