Wolverine’s REAL name revealed; and it’s not Logan, as many imagine

Wolverine is an iconic comic book and pop culture character known for his savage nature, extraordinary mutant abilities, and unique personality.

He was created by Len Wein, John Romita Sr. and Herb Trimpe and made his first appearance in “The Incredible Hulk” #180, published by Marvel Comics in October 1974.

One detail is that fans of the mutant believe they know his name: Logan! However, if you are also on the team that thought this, know that you are completely wrong. A comic book revealed the character’s real name, and this left many people shocked.

What is Wolverine’s real name?

The name Logan became so popular that even the last film in which the mutant was played by Hugh Jackman was given that title. However, there is an interesting revelation about the hero’s true identity.

In 2001, the series “Wolverine Origins” was launched, providing some clues about our friend’s mysterious past, which until then remained unknown to fans. It was believed that his name was just Logan, without a surname.

Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

However, it was in this series that the truth came to light: Wolverine’s real name is James Howlett. He was born in Canada, about 1880, and is the son of John and Elizabeth Howlett. The problem is that the discovery that her biological father was Thomas Logan, a gardener on the Howlett farm, changed everything.

After being fired, Thomas Logan ended up taking the life of John Howlett, and upon witnessing this tragedy, James manifested his powers for the first time and killed Thomas with his bone claws. Soon after, he discovered the whole truth about who he really was.

To escape that place, James adopted the name Logan, forgetting his original name due to memory loss caused by the Weapon X program, of which he was a guinea pig. Thus, that name was one of the few memories that remained in her mind.

Did you imagine that Logan (or James Howlett) had this dark past, and that his name was totally different from what many call him? It’s a very interesting fact about one of the most famous mutants in Marvel Comics.

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