Wolverine: the character’s healing source is revealed; know more

[Atenção: este texto contém spoiler de ‘X-Men #29’.]

Oh, Wolverine, the master of regeneration in the comics! Your healing ability is a true boon for your allies and a nightmare for your enemies.

From the yellowed pages of old comics to the most recent plots, Logan’s incredible regenerative capacity is legendary.

How many times have we witnessed the indestructible mutant escape from the jaws of death! Whether facing magnetic battlefields or diving headlong into hand-to-hand battles with opponents, Wolverine’s regeneration is his ace up his sleeve.

We’ve already seen him recover from wounds that would make any hero tremble or even die. It’s fascinating how this unique characteristic shapes his narrative, turning him into an unstoppable force and a source of emotions for readers.

Wolverine’s healing ability isn’t just a superpower, it’s the essence of his endurance and strength, the thing that makes him an immortal comic book icon.

The origin of Wolverine’s cure is revealed – Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

The origin of Wolverine’s cure

But have you ever wondered what the source of the incredible healing power is that makes Wolverine practically indestructible? If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’ll find out the answer today!

Recently, in the electrifying pages of ‘X-Men #29’, the truth about Wolverine’s secret came to light.

The story takes us on a journey with Wolverine and the X-Menwho seek new allies for Doctor Doom’s Legion of Mutants in order to confront the anti-mutant threat Orchis.

In the middle of this search, there is a break for a crucial meal. And in a revealing dialogue, Wolverine explains that his healing ability requires a considerable intake of carbohydrates.

Wolverine ferociously devours a piece of meat – Image: Marvel Comics/Reproduction

In the image above, Wolverine says the following words:

“Don’t do this, Kat. I need a lot of calories to heal, and they tricked us.”

A situation remarkably similar to the need for Barry Allenidentity of The Flash, who needs to consume large amounts of food to keep his super speed active.

So the next time you see Wolverine devouring something, remember: it’s the calories that keep him indestructible.

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