It will be heavy on your pocket: VIZ Media announces adjustment to the company’s manga values

A VIZ Media, a renowned manga publisher, made the decision to make an adjustment to the prices of its publications in the United States, marking the first change in 15 years. Despite the increase in values, VIZ Media still remains competitive compared to other publishers in the industry.

This change will be applied to both volumes already in circulation and future releases. In other words, it is important that you prepare for this new increase, which has left a lot of people very frustrated, even with so much time without a payment.

In addition to the increase, VIZ Media will have a new project

From January 2024, all of the company’s volumes that were previously priced at US$9.99 will be increased by US$2, costing US$11.99. But, compared to other options on the market, VIZ Media’s values ​​are good.

This is because, while Kodansha USA Publishing sells its mangas starting at US$12.99, Yen Press sets its bound books at US$13, and Seven Seas Entertainment has a price range between US$12.99 and US$14.99.

VIZ Media will also have news for users. The company decided to invest in its digital presence by launching an exclusive application for the United States and Canada. Despite the recent price increase on its manga, the company will compensate fans with this cool new feature.

The new app allows audiences to enjoy their favorite manga and the latest issues from Shogakukan and Shueisha publications, all for a monthly subscription of just US$1.99. Furthermore, the service offers simultaneous releases, ensuring that readers are always up to date.

With this initiative, VIZ Media will make manga more accessible and convenient for manga enthusiasts. Despite all the information, it has not yet been confirmed whether this change will affect the Brazilian market, which has direct agreements with the publisher for the publication of some works.

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