Why do villains always escape Batman in Gotham City? DC finally responds

[Atenção! Este texto contém spoilers de ‘The Penguin #5’.]

In recent years, the effectiveness of the heroes of DC Comicsespecially that of Batman, has been questioned in light of the recurring escape of villains in Gotham City.

Questions like ‘Why don’t villains redeem themselves?’ and ‘Why doesn’t Batman stop them from escaping?’ have been bothering Justice League fans.

DC, attentive to these questions, finally presents a plausible answer in ‘The Penguin #5’.

Why do villains always flee Gotham City?

Image: DC Comics/Reproduction

Batman, known as the greatest detective in the world, has a solid track record in fighting crime. However, the number of criminals who escape their clutches has raised questions.

In his search for the villain Black Spider, a killer of addicts, the Dark Knight faces a recurring situation: the inability to capture his opponent.

The revelation occurs in the turbulent waters of the river that runs through Gotham City, when Black Spider risks his life by jumping into the torrent to escape Batman.

The plot suggests that this is a known alternative among the city’s villains, a risky but effective tactic to avoid capture by the hero.

This behavior of the villains is in line with past events in Gotham Citywhere disappearing into the dark waters of the river was a common tactic to avoid justice.

Batman, despite his reputation as a skilled detective, has not yet developed a contingency plan to contain the constant escape of criminals into the city’s waters.

The narrative highlights DC’s attempt to address criticism and explain, in a more believable way, why some villains manage to escape Batman.

The answer, found amid the wild waters of Gotham City, reveals an additional challenge for the world’s greatest detective and leaves fans eager to discover how the Batman will face this new obstacle in his future adventures.

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