While Spotify increases its prices, this competitor reduces its prices and becomes the best alternative


Last week, Spotify announced the bad news that fans of the streaming platform unfortunately know all too well: its prices will soon be increasing. At the moment we do not yet know the amount of this increase. Yet this is starting to do a lot to the point where price increases are now almost part of the landscape. In this stormy environment, Tidal decided to do nothing, like everyone else.

TIDAL is one of the relatively quiet players in the music streaming market. However, there are no arguments to seduce the crowd, especially high-quality, lossless FLAC audio up to 24-bit at 192 kHz. Frankly, such a promise is reflected in the prices, which prevents TIDAL from truly competing with the industry giants. In fact, you still have to count on €19.99 per month to benefit from the best subscription.

TIDAL becomes more interesting than Spotify by lowering its prices

So TIDAL certainly couldn’t have chosen better timing to announce the surprising news. In an email sent to its subscribers, the service declares that its entire offering will be simplified. Concretely, the HiFi and Hifi Plus formulas will be combined with a subscription renamed TIDAL. The first will enjoy the advantages of the second, namely the best sound quality, without an increase in price.

In other words, you’ll only need €10.99 per month to enjoy Dolby Atmos and HiRes FLAC format on over 110 million titles! The same goes for the TIDAL Family plan for €16.99 per month, which will also benefit from all the bonuses mentioned above. Existing subscribers of the Standard HiFi plan will automatically upgrade to the new offer on April 10. There’s no denying that Spotify really has something to worry about.

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