Which X-Men mutant is most respected by Thor, the powerful Avenger?

One of the most powerful heroes in Marvel has something to reveal. Thor, the great Avenger, makes it clear in the most recent production “The Immortal Thor #3” which member of the X-Men he respects most.

The revelation will surprise many people. In the new story, he must face Toranos, an ancient Storm God who is more powerful and stronger than himself.

Thor realizes that, in order to defeat the villain, he will need the help of allies. The hero even tells Loki that he will need someone with experience.

At that moment, none other than the iconic mutant Storm enters the scene.

The heroine of X-Men flies over Arakko, while Thor and Loki watch her from afar.

The avenger notes her importance and says:

“I must speak alone with the ‘goddess of thunder’.”

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Thor’s Praise

Despite having a new weapon – the riddle-solving Tormud –, Thor recognizes that he will need something more to emerge victorious.

Storm, whom he calls “goddess”, ends up being the solution, which is considered a real compliment.

In the X-Men universe, few have as great power and versatility as Storm. No wonder, Thor knows this and places it in a position of recognition and importance.

The reasoning is unique: if Storm receives Tormud and fights alongside Thor, the path to victory becomes easier. She has already proven herself capable of playing this type of role in other situations.

For Thor, Storm is on the same level

After Thor’s ascension to the leadership of Arakko and the position of All-Father, the scenario becomes propitious for him to reestablish the alliance with the X-Men heroine.

The powerful Avenger knows that there are few capable of helping him, like Storm. He may even be one of the strongest and most skilled, with broad power across all kingdoms, but he still recognizes the importance of the X-Men mutant.

What becomes clear, throughout the story, is that he respects Storm more than anyone else. If you’re curious to check it out, “The Immortal Thor #3” is now on sale at marvel comics.

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