Warner is killing HBO Max to launch a brand new service

In just a few years, HBO Max has become one of the most popular streaming services today. 4th position It’s right behind industry heavyweights like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. The platform currently has at least 75 million subscribers.

A great performance, especially a service that overlooked certain countries, especially France, as it is known. And yes, while HBO Max is expected to come out in 2023, Warner Bros. Discovery has finally decided to cancel the launch in France. As a consolation, The group has confirmed the arrival of another platform in 2024.

Warner Bros. Kill HBO Max to start Max

But what about this unique service? our colleagues from New York Times He just shared some great information about this case. despite everything, Warner Bros. Discovery is about to kill HBO Max. It’s a surprising decision, especially given the success of the platform. According to information from the American newspaper, HBO Max would therefore disappear in favor of another service, soberly baptized Max.

Warner wants to revise its strategy and catalog with this revision. Idea? Offer less elitist content, less scripted and more aimed at the general public like reality TV, TV shows or documentaries. We learn with amazement in the New York Times article that Warner Bros. Discovery ultimately only allows Little attention to HBOA brand with an international reputation for the quality of its series such as Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers, The Sopranos, The Wire even more recently The Last of Us.

Is HBO a brand that isn’t big enough for the general public?

If audiences are there, as evidenced by the planetary cardboard of The Last of Us, Warner found: users ultimately spent very little time on HBO Max. So they come to watch their own episodes of the HBO series, then head out to competing platforms to have fun and watch lighter content. Max and Warner Bros. Discovery wants to retain its subscribers.

It is not yet clear whether this new direction will affect the quality of productions of the HBO series. A reduction in budgets, which is less important in the group’s strategy, is more than possible. Note that in France, HBO content is currently available on Pass Warner, a brand new formula available via Amazon Prime Video.

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