Voice actors call for regulation of the use of artificial intelligence

A Dubbing Brazilian music is recognized as one of the best in the world, and it is not difficult to recognize the voices that were part of our childhood, adolescence and adult life in some production.

Last weekend (20 and 21/1), several voice actors nationals joined an important cause, which went viral on social media.

We are talking about the campaign called ‘Live Dubbing‘, which aims to regulate the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in this type of market.

According to the movement, professionals want there to be a balance between the advancement of technology and the preservation of work and its quality.

On the official page of the aforementioned initiative, there is a manifesto explaining in detail how the use of 100% artificial resources can harm workers and the sector as a whole.

As mentioned, big names in the profession have joined the movement and are defending it on the internet.

The intention of the campaign is not to restrict the use of new tools, but to ensure that they do not replace the presence of the voice actor and are only used as a complement to improve the work and assist professionals.

Support for the voice actors campaign

Official logo of ‘Dublagem Viva’ – Image: Netflix/Reproduction

Currently, the ‘Viva Dubbing’ campaign has the support of several international dubbing organizations, such as OVU (Organización de Voces Unidas), from Mexico, NAVA (National Association of Voice Actors), from the USA, the AVTA (Sindicato de Atores de Voz y Voice Talents de Madrid), from Spain, and the global United Voice Actors.

Now, the employment of AI in the artistic world It has caused controversy before, including being the pivot of the Hollywood screenwriters and actors’ strike that took place last year.

Subsequently, the official website of the previously mentioned initiative published a link containing a petition against the indiscriminate use of Artificial Intelligence in the area.

This action has already generated a lot of support, and several voice actors Celebrities used #livedubbing to reinforce the action and show support for the cause.

Miriam Fischer (the voice of Drew Barrymore in the country), Flora Paulita (voice actress for Ariana Grande), Ricardo Juarez (who voices Kratos) and other renowned professionals in the field expressed solidarity on the internet.

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