Unprecedented agreement: Netflix and Claro form historic partnership in Brazil

Programming services by streaming have become extremely popular in recent years.

The pandemic that occurred between 2020 and 2021 contributed to a massive adoption of this more family-friendly type of entertainment.

After all, due to social distancing, people looked for new ways to occupy their time and, as a result, content consumption on such platforms increased considerably.

In this way, these companies were able to make a lot of profit and, thus, expand their range of functionalities, working to offer more and more resources.

Recently, Netflix and Clear of Brazil signed an unprecedented agreement. Since January 16th (Tuesday), all customers who subscribe to Claro TV+ will receive automatic access to a subscription on that platform.

Truly, this is an unmissable opportunity. But how much will it cost to have all this at home? Let’s check it out!

Agreement between Claro and Netflix brings advantages

Claro TV+ advertising banner showing some available programs – Image: Claro/Reproduction

Customers who want to enjoy a varied program, full of films, series, documentaries, soap operas and cartoons, can have access to all of this for just R$ 109.90 in box mode Claro TV+.

In total, pay TV has 120 different channels, which will join the 95 thousand content available in the streaming option.

Now, anyone who already has an active account on the streaming system can add their email and password to Claro TV+ and carry out the appropriate migration.

By doing this, the invoice for the Netflix It is no longer charged separately and is effectively integrated into the subscription charge provided by the Brazilian operator.

Finally, it is important to highlight that, before making changes of this nature, it is essential to consider whether you will actually have time to enjoy such a variety of content.

After all, one of the biggest complaints from the public is precisely about not being able to follow so many available productions, due to the busy routine of today’s society.

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