This is the little-known origin of the first comic book superhero

The story behind the pioneer in the world of superheroes comics remains shrouded in mystery and is an enigma that extends to the origins of the genre itself.

Although the initial records that led to the creation of the legendary Superman can be traced back to 1933, it was not until 1938, when he finally made his triumphant debut in the pages of “Action Comics #1,” that the world got its first glimpse of this extraordinary character.

The road that led to the conception of Superman is full of curiosities, including a primordial version from 1933, entitled “The Superman”, created by the creative mind of Jerry Siegel.

However, it was in 1938 that this iconic Man of Steel, endowed with abilities beyond imagination, found his place in the universe of comic books. His presence in Action Comics marked the beginning of a journey that would stand the test of time.

Who was the first comic book superhero?

However, the question of determining who truly ushered in the age of superheroes is a persistent enigma. There are those who point to Hugo Hercules, a creation of Wilhelm Heinrich and Detlev Körner, whose extraordinary exploits were published in the Chicago Tribune in the distant year 1902.

Armed with superhuman strength, Hugo tirelessly patrolled the city. However, his presence was brief and his exploits were quickly lost in the folds of history.

However, one opinion that has gained prominence is that of the Guinness World Recordswhich consecrates “The Phantom” as the true pioneer among superheroes in comic books. comics.

Created by Lee Falk in 1936, The Phantom fearlessly fought crime in the lands of Bangalla, a fictional country in Africa.

Source: Paramount/Reproduction

This recognition is based on the fact that previous characters, such as the aforementioned Hugo Hercules, did not align with the contemporary definition of superheroes, while the “Phantom” strips were already considered official at the time of their publication.

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