The Witcher: Legacy of Blood is the most hated Netflix series of all time

If some Netflix series left a lasting impression on 2022, it is difficult to say the same for all productions signed by the broadcasting giant. The Witcher: Legacy of Blood He just made a bitter observation. But at first glance, it had everything to please: a story set at the heart of Andrzej Sapkowski’s successful universe, the relative success of the adaptation, again by Netflix, a prequel to the birth of the witcher caste…

In short, all the ingredients seemed to come together to make L’Héritage du Sang a real hit. Unfortunately, the opposite happens with Rotten Tomatoes. Critics have already been harsh with the show, attributing it to the show, to say the least. An already mediocre rating of 33%. However, while the public has generally been more tolerant of the works, the latter has been even more vocal about just noting the series. 10/100.

The Witcher: Legacy of Blood is the biggest debacle in Netflix history.

It’s hard to do worse than that. In fact, neither more nor less Worst rating ever given to a Netflix original series on the reference site. It is criticized that the acting is found to be very poor, that there is no consistency with the main material, or that the narration is sometimes too slow and sometimes too sloppy. “None of the elves in this series are like the elves from The Witcher lore”so it reports a user.

“This is what happens if you don’t want to use source material, have no writing skills, and don’t have an opinion of your own, it’s just a disaster, that’s why Henry left and it’s good for him”, another Internet user writes. We hope The Witcher season 3 will be better received. Meanwhile, the future of the series still looks bleak in the aftermath. The announced departure of Henry Cavill.

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