The New York Times chooses the 15 best series on Netflix

The renowned newspaper The New York Times made a list of the most outstanding series available on Netflix in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that not all of them are original Netflix productions, some are very recent, while others are a few years old.

The selection promises surprises and can spark interest in discovering stories that may have gone unnoticed. Let’s check out the gallery!

Titles chosen are not necessarily exclusive to Netflix – Photo: Reproduction

15. ‘Selena: The Series’

Several years ago, a biopic dedicated to iconic Tex-Mex music star Selena Quintanilla starred Jennifer Lopez.

The series explores in more depth the story of this artist who had a tragic end at such a young age.

14. ‘Russian Doll’

An impactful work that addresses the story of a woman trapped in a disturbing time cycle.

13. ‘Happy Endings’

A comedy that portrays a group of friends in Chicago, initially shown on ABC.

12. ‘High On The Hog: How African-American Cuisine Transformed America’

An engaging documentary production that delves into the historical roots and rich contemporary presence of African-American cuisine, providing a fascinating journey through the diversity and influences of this unique culinary tradition.

11. ‘Sweet Tooth’

The incredible and surreal adventures of a young deer. A very peculiar series.

10. ‘Lupin’

Work inspired by the fictional character Arsène Lupin, recognized for his skill in disguises, makeup and adoption of various identities to carry out his crimes. A global success with a French touch.

9. ‘Dirty John – The Love Coup’

Originating from a podcast of the same name, this production reveals the metamorphosis of a romance into a disturbing game of psychological manipulation.

8. ‘Feel Good’

A creation of Netflix which explores the theme of love, completely in tune with 21st century style.

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7. ‘The Mole’

This journalistic project developed by Anderson Cooper is also on The New York Times’ list of essential series.

6. ‘Sophie: Murder in Cork’

A ‘true crime’ style documentary that addresses a murder that took place in rural Ireland.

5. ‘I Think You Should Leave’

Comedy presented through peculiar sketches, which cause discomfort to the point of making the viewer consider leaving.

4. ‘Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia’

A modernized version of an animated classic, directed by Kevin Smith, causes controversy among fans and critics. However, The New York Times highlighted it among Netflix’s best productions.

3. ‘Life in Color’

Of course, we can’t forget the series of nature documentaries by renowned master of the genre, David Attenborough.

2. ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

Another NBC creation that stands out among the top 15 is a comedy created by Tina Fey and starring Alec Baldwin. This sitcom offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of television.

1. ‘Friday Night Lights’

A series on NBC addresses a determined ambitious American football team at a Texas high school and aired from 2006 to 2011. The production won first place on The New York Times list.