The most searched anime on Google is neither ‘Dragon Ball’ nor ‘One Piece’; look

It is simply undeniable that the anime conquered the world. This genre of entertainment has fans in many places, in addition to an absurd number of titles.

Now, due to social media, it has become much easier for Japanese animation to become popular with the general public.

This was even the case with ‘One Punch Man’, a work that began as a fanzine, that is, a manga drawn by a fan in an amateur way, but which, with its success, had its rights acquired by a large studio, earning a serious production.

However, when we think about which names are most searched for in online search engines, there are some great options that stand out.

According to official data, the title that stood out the most in searches, oddly enough, was ‘Naruto’.

‘Naruto’ broke barriers

Naruto in its classic (children’s) version – Image: Reproduction

Despite the work being much shorter in terms of seasons than more classic alternatives such as ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ and ‘One Piece’, the saga of the yellow-haired ninja won the hearts of the nerd/otaku community in the four corners of the planet.

As experts say, this shonen benefited greatly from television coverage and many people had their first contact with it through this medium.

Remembering that manga in Brazil has always been expensive and our country constantly suffered from delays in works, compared to Japan.

The first volume of ‘naruto‘ was launched nationally in 2002 with a low circulation of just 4 thousand copies.

In 2005, when the anime finally arrived here, global searches on Google multiplied and the public was looking for information about new characters and chapters.

Despite ‘Boruto‘ not having the same relevance as its father and predecessor, it is undeniable that during its heyday there was no way to compete with the adventures of the restless boy from Konoha and his friends.

Today, ‘Naruto’ has the enviable mark of 250 million manga sold worldwide, a record feat in the history of this industry.

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